Friday, March 24, 2017

Taking Care Of Myself

The internet steals my positive energy.

If I were the kind of person who is only interested in sharing recipes, pictures of grandchildren, my cats and other mundane stuff, it wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately it is also my way of staying informed. Informed on what I haven't yet figured out, since everyone lies, but at least I'm informed about that.

Another thing I'm informed about is just how nasty people are when mine or anyone else's opinion doesn't agree with theirs. Heaven forbid if you supply them with facts that call into suggestion the veracity of their opinion. It can get really ugly then. If you can't refute the facts provided with a fact or two of your own, you must kill the messenger. Of course, you can't literally kill the messenger so you just malign the reputation of said messenger and then you brag about how you won. I'm apparently stupid since that tactic won't change the facts, but whatever floats their boats. I haven't yet lowered myself to asking if they're a special kind of stupid but I'm guilty of thinking it.

After realizing that some of the programs used by seniors to stay comfortable in their own homes will be given some fairly harsh cuts in funding and being unable to make certain older Americans understand they're screwing themselves with their support of this impending budget, I quit speaking to them. I'm in hiding, in the real world where my cats can replenish my supply of positive energy. It's a good thing they do that since it helps me figure out what I'm going to be able to do in my old age.

We had figured out that once my husband decides to quit working that we might need to apply for some assistance from HEAP to pay our heating fuel bills in winter. That's being cut entirely in this budget. Along with Weatherization and Community Block Grants which help provide assistance to seniors and disabled veterans so they can live independently in their own homes.

I also figured out that should something happen to my husband I might need HEAP and food stamps to stay in my own home. I live a ways out in the country so I will have to have transportation and that might be an issue, but the bills on the home should be paid without HEAP on my income.

It appears that my Uncle's estate is on the verge of settlement finally. The check I am getting isn't as large as it would have been since we chose not to fight my Uncle's step-children's claim. I'm going to lose $2000 from it as will my surviving Uncle but my share will be placed in a money market fund and added to as much as I can while both my husband and I are in good shape health wise. That should provide a bit of a cushion should the necessary programs be cut off entirely.

I can only do so much, but at least I'm doing something so I can meet my own needs with a minimum of trouble. I just can't help but feel sorry for those who, for one reason or another, can't find a way to help themselves, either because they're too ill and have lived for so long on next to nothing.


  1. Trump voters can't help themselves - that's why they voted for the "backward Robin Hood" .. that thought he would help them but they didn't have the brains to realize that they were talking to an old fashioned 'medicine man' and the circus was being brought to them by television. God help them but then again God watches over fools and idiots don't you know. But in your case - you seem to have your head screwed on correctly and I believe you'll be ok.

    1. Nobody really knows what life has in store for us. I just know that I need to be as prepared as I can be for whatever happens. We made a choice to use our savings to purchase a home of our own at a time when most people are thinking they need the cash to live on. We got lucky and found something worth far more than we paid for it. Newer roof, brand new windows and exterior doors. New furnace, new hot water heater and a kitchen that has 12K worth of cabinetry in it. The return on this investment is far better than anything Wall St could provide.

  2. That's the important thing, take care of YOU . None of this online BS is worth the stress

    1. I was gobsmacked by the anger directed at me because I don't like the cuts in programs I know far too many senior women need to survive. I don't need to speak to them.