Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Musings About Storms

Someone said to me last night that "this country will survive Trump because he's not a king". I'm thinking someone forgot to send that memo to Trump. I'd laugh but there's too much at stake. There's a part of me that thinks those who voted for him deserve the reality check of actually having to live with the consequences. On the other hand, those who will be hurt by the changes don't deserve what I think will happen. I simply do not understand how people can blame their struggles on those with lower income than they have when the income inequality gap is so wide and under Trump will widen more. I don't understand people and I don't think I ever will.

We had a few warmer days up here in the frozen North and many people started their Spring cleaning. I haven't and don't plan on doing so for at least 2 more weeks. I see no reason to expend that much effort to thoroughly clean when the weather isn't conducive to open windows and Spring breezes. I fail to grasp how one can open windows in the midst of a 2 day Nor'easter. I live where it isn't at all unusual to have a snowfall on Mother's Day which is close to the middle of May. Cleaning will be done by Easter and maybe it will be nice enough to actually open windows then. However, with a Nor'easter on it's way here, this week would not lend itself to open windows. Spring cleaning will have to wait until closer to actual Spring.

While making sure we had what we needed in case of a power outage during this upcoming storm, we've discovered that we can't find Hubby's Coleman propane lantern. We do have those headlight type flashlights but not one that can be held in our hands. The storm is going to start tonight and it's predicted to bring some very heavy snowfall. Today I will round up some containers in which to keep water for flushing the toilet. I can sit them in the bathtubs in both bathrooms although we'll probably only use the master bath since it's in the part of our home that will benefit some from the propane heater. Without power I have no running water since we have a well with an electric pump.

I have 3 large blankets plus the down comforter which works so beautifully to keep us warm at night. I have sandwich makings, milk and cereal so we won't go hungry and plenty of water in gallon jugs in the kitchen. Without power I will have no way of cooking anything hot since my stove is electric but we won't starve or dehydrate. Should the power be out for a few days we might have a frozen pipe issue but there are steps we can take to minimize that. I have never experienced a power outage here for more than a few hours at any time. However it's best to be prepared for one just in case. Especially since we now live where we are responsible for maintaining our water and sewer systems.

The weather report is saying we should get somewhere between a foot and 20 inches of snow Tuesday and Wednesday. That's a normal snowfall total for this region so I feel comfortable that life this week will go on as it normally does. I planned on staying home until Friday this week so a couple of days of snowfall won't force me to change any plans. I love retired life.


  1. Read this Will comment in the morning when I have my laptop. Can barely peck this out on the tablet !

  2. I didn't vote for Trump, I didn't vote for Hillary. I didn't vote, period. Who knows what will happen in the next few years? I just try to do the best for my life and for those whose lives I can touch. I realized a long time ago that no politician is going to save the world. Most of them have managed to help send it on the way to destruction.

    I hope you fared well during that latest round of snow, the big one. I sometimes think they hype these storms up excessively like the world is ending !

    Anyway, spring will arrive in due time and I hope for you that the next few weeks bring warmer weather.

    1. We got nailed in that snowstorm. Two feet of snow and what a mess.

      All of Trumps budget cuts will negatively affect both the ability of seniors to live in their own homes unless they have a lot of money and don't require HEAP or a HUD subsidy for heat and rent.However, when I say anything t the die hards who believe Trump is doing a great job, I'm a libtard, stupid liberal or a feral Democrat according to Rusty.

      When someone says their going to cut money from things and then increase the military budget the exact amount of the cuts I have a hard time believing these cuts are going to be returned to the states to cover the programs being cut. And the names began to happen when I mentioned and showed the chart that gave how much was being cut from where.

    2. I guess that is why I don't really get into those kinds of discussions. People get so ugly and unreasonable. I'm not sticking my head in the sand when it comes to issues, but I just don't trust politicians of either side to even care or do the right thing so I just try to live my life and I do what I can to help other people. I have a friend who retired last year and she barely gets by on her SS . I help her out every month either monetarily or by sending her things she needs like toilet paper, shampoo, cleaning supplies, kitty litter. I might be in that position one day, but until I am , I do what I can to help other people.