Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Trouble With Trying To Change One's Lifestyle

I have been making lifestyle changes, one at a time to acquire new and better habits. I'm chuckling at myself because the changes, while beneficial, have been small and easy ones. I still haven't tackled the big ones I need to address but they too are in my future.

This morning I really need to go clean my kitchen. I am suffering from inertia and a tendency this morning to watch the clock looking for the magic lunch hour numbers. After a year plus of retirement I finally figured out I can buy things I want to eat that Hubby won't eat and have them for my lunches on days when he is out. So, yesterday I purchased 3 cans of Progressive soups. Granted I prefer home made split pea soup, but without anyone else eating it a large pot of soup would languish in my freezer until it deteriorated to the point where I wouldn't enjoy the consumption of it.

Anyways, I purchased a can of Split Pea, a can of Lentil and one of Italian Wedding soup. Got to get into that one last night when hubby wanted a supper I won't eat. The remainder of that oh so good soup is sitting in my refrigerator waiting the noon hour for further consumption. Maybe I should have had it for breakfast?

I had plans for today which included a morning walk and having the kitchen clean by now. All I can say in defense of myself is I'm LAZY! And I really need to stop being that way. It's after 10 and I'm not even dressed yet. I should be ashamed of myself but I'm not.

I am aware that this type of thing isn't being kind to myself. Learning to be kind to myself is kind of a process achieved by trial and error. It requires movement. I feel like Goldilocks with the too much, not enough and just right categories. Too much movement increases pain. Too little movement increases pain and I haven't found the just right movement amount yet. Have faith in myself that I'll get there...eventually. I do consider that maybe eventually needs to come a little sooner since nothing is ever guaranteed, but I like living dangerously once in awhile.

Since today is going to be one of sunshine and moderate temperatures I will manage that walk after supper. I'm thinking about taking my camera and see what I can find worth capturing. Right now I better do more than think about capturing a clean kitchen.


  1. I keep thinking I need to make some changes in my life , but change is hard so I just keep thinking about it and as long as I am just thinking about it, I don't need to act on it haha.

    Pictures would be good. You know I love photography and love seeing through the eyes of others.

    Have a nice weekend Sherry !

    1. Change is not easy for sure and I'm actually trying it. *sigh*

      Pictures? I suppose I can do that when I get in the mood.