Sunday, September 25, 2016

When Men Go Shopping

I am more than willing to purchase underwear for my husband but for some reason he chose to do it for himself. We now know he shouldn't ever do that again. He is the proud possesser of 6 pairs of briefs one size too large for him, 6 pairs of knee socks and a cat toy.

Also, one jealous cat. 

Precious was having entirely too much fun and Butterscotch would not allow that. It got a little tense when Butterscotch decided to assert himself by cuffing the offending kitty upside the head. The thing that is annoying is that Precious was having so much fun and Butterscotch isn't interested in playing with it. He just wants to stop Precious from playing with it. 

Once we have moved and we then have rooms to separate them into, we are going to try to keep Precious in the house all the time. He's getting older and I'm thinking that if we can keep him safe from Butterscotch and provide him with enough things to interest him we might manage it. Where we might have a problem is getting him to use a litter box. He never has and I'm not sure how that's going to go. If I decide that will be an issue that I'm not going to like the outcome of, I am planning an enclosure that he can access. I know enough people who are handy with a hammer so that should not be a problem. 

The enclosure may be a better idea, I won't know until we move. 


  1. lol @ the purchases!! Cats and jealousy do kinda go hand in hand.

    1. The home is supposed to be installed on our property the end of this week. The second bedroom will be an office and I'm planning on adding things of interest to cats to keep him occupied in there. They may be neutered but they are still 2 alpha males and I do need to be vigilant when they get hinky with each other. Hoping the office room can provide a safe space so we can keep Precious indoors.

      As to the underwear. He decided for himself that I was wrong when I told him 30-32 and he bought 34-36. Also he insists they didn't have crew socks. He bought whatever wasn't ankle socks because they are too short for his work boots.

      I asked him, after he saw the undies were too large, what size trousers he wears? He knows he wears 30 waist in summer and 32 in winter due to the long johns and heavier shirts. Funny how he couldn't translate those numbers to underwear. The cat toy is a big success with Precious so he got something right. LOL

  2. Hahaha, maybe , no I should not say it. Well, ok, maybe your husband thought bigger underwear meant bigger........ Uh never mind.

    I am tickled pink that things are going along well with the new home and hope you can get into it by Christmas if not well before.

    1. LOL, I don't think so but LOL at the idea of it.

      The month of October is always a prosperous one which means he'll be busy and too tired to work much on the plumbing connections and skirting that has to happen before we get a certificate of occupancy. I'm figuring by Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed.