Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Sacrifice I Make For My Cats

I don't know why the area I live in is different from the rest of the nation but it obviously is. I had a conversation online with someone in Texas who was informing me about the kinds of goofy people who shop at her local Walmart. What she describes to me are the kind of folks featured in the People Of Walmart website. I feel somewhat deprived since I can shop at our Walmart Supercenter and never see anything except normal people.

A couple of years ago there was a plethora of male Duck Dynasty wannabees with their gray hair in long pony tales down their backs, sporting beards while wearing Tshirts and plaid flannels, Not exactly the most attractive fellows since they were old enough to know better, but... Whatever floats their boat and all that. I just haven't ever seen the kind of weirdos that other people claim to see when they shop at their local Walmart.

I mention this because I have to make a trip there today and I am dreading it. Not because of the people I might see but they're remodeling the store while staying open and I can't find a single thing I need without a great deal of hunting. Every single department has been moved and in cases where the new location isn't fully ready, stuff is in a temporary spot which changes all the time.

They have signs up that state that we can ask an associate if we can't find what we're looking for but when you do ask, the associate doesn't know either. At the moment the Craft department is located in the annex which used to house Lawn and Garden. I haven't located Lawn and Garden yet. The TV's and other electronics are where the Crafts used to be. The Jewelry counter and the Bakery counter are gone. Cakes and stuff like that are out in the coolers where the berries used to be and I haven't seen the berries. That doesn't matter so much since I have a freezer full of local grown but where are they hiding stuff? Who even knows if these new locations are permanent?

Last week when I went there they had started ripping up the food sections. Apparently that's going elsewhere. Today I have to get cat food which is now in the back of the store next to electronics, instead of in the middle next to kitchen appliances. I haven't seen kitchen ware in my travels through there so I don't know where that went. I need grapes if I can find them and facial tissues.

I have a list of other things which may not get filled because it's likely to take me a long time just to find the stuff I've already mentioned. I'm not looking forward to this at all. I view all this as a nightmare shopping trip and have been told by women decades younger than I am that it's not that bad.

Oh yes it is!

If it weren't for the cats starving to death I wouldn't go there at all until after the remodeling is finished. Unfortunately Walmart is the cheapest source for the canned cat food and the ONLY store in my area that carries a variety of flavors in the original consistency they call pate. My options are braving the remodeling process and hunting for what I need or taking a 50 mile round trip to Target. Just for cat food and then having to go shop for the other things I need elsewhere.

Maybe I'll feel braver after a second cup of coffee?


  1. Oh my gosh,they are remodeling our WalMart too and everything is a big jumbled up mess. I had to go today and I could not find anything. I needed a new bed for my dog and I did manage to find that near the potato chips haha. I had to walk all over the store and only found about half of what I went there for.
    As for seeing strange people, I haven't seen many here, though my daughter told me if you go after midnight you will see all kinds of strange people. I don't drive after dark so I don't go out at that time of night. Probably wouldnt' even if I did drive at night lol. I did see a guy once who had dyed his hair the color of Cheetohs and he was wearing a Cheetoh colored shirt and pair of pants. But I don't think he was a walking advertisement lol. And one time there was this little old lady who had completely decorated the shopping cart for her little dog she was pushing around. She had some weird colored hair and a mini skirt and her bracelets were made out of barbed wire and they were cutting into her skin. SHe had to have been close to 80. I thought that was kind of weird.

    1. Nights are a good time to be at home wearing comfy pjs. I've never been in Walmart at night, maybe the weirdos come out then. Can't prove it by me though.