Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wisdom, Found In The Strangest Places

I took a minute yesterday to clean out the spam comments I'm still acquiring and one of them made me laugh so hard I'm still chuckling about it this morning. It took the time to tell me I'm an excellent writer but I really need to do something about the quality of my titles.

It was posted on the "Family Mystery and Josephine" entry and actually included a request for additions to my posts like videos. Mind you, that was a post that included a video. Would have been nice if it would have included what kind of videos I should be adding to my post. Come to think of it, a link to someplace that teaches writers how to choose a title would have been of more benefit than the link to it's website.

Seven years of blogging and not one person prior to this had ever said my titles suck, except for me. I actually think that all the time, which is probably why I find the criticism funny. When I decide on the title of my essay I think it sucks, but on my list of first world problems it rates somewhere near the bottom. If I were serious about this blogging thing, I'd create a hundred or so alter egos and click the link to the spammer's site and troll him, her, it...whatever. My reward for that behavior would be some sort of nasty bug guaranteed to kill my computer dead. I'll pass...thanks.

Driving home from work yesterday a Phil Collins song came on. It actually fits my attitude these days towards the internet community. It's called "I Don't Care Anymore". There's a short chorus that says "I don't care what you say, I don't play the same games you play." My attitude is more one of boredom with it rather than the dark anger suggested in the song, but that actually is where I am with my interest. None of which occurred to me until I read the spam comment and heard the song.

I remember when it was so interesting to me that I'd figuratively froth at the mouth if I couldn't get online for some reason. I suffered from the "Oh my GAWD I'm gonna miss something" syndrome. I would literally check my connection every few minutes breathing a sigh of relief when it came back. These days when it goes out I just go do something and when I think about it, I'll check it and it's almost always back by then. There are times when I can see the satellite is up and running, and I don't take advantage of it because what I'm doing in the real world is more important to me. I have a connection and I'm not using it? Unheard of, but true.

Now, I'm not interested in finding anything new and shiny because I've learned it tarnishes at the same rate everything else does. Of course, nothing anymore is really new and shiny, it's just the same old crap with a new coat. Pretty soon the new coat turns as brown as the crap it covers and everyone rushes off to find a new and prettier coat. Nobody ever addresses the crap, it just gets covered up again which leaves a seething  mess of frustration behind.

"And as for me I can sit here and bide my time 
I got nothing to lose if I speak my mind. 
I don't care anymore I don't care no more"


  1. Blogging on a scale of one to ten is fifty in my priorities. I took a month away and didn't miss it...but now I am back and must admit I enjoy the writing...a place to put my thoughts...and if someone reads them and cares enough to comment it is appreciated.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I like blogging, and like you appreciate the readers who do comment, I just don't like all the rest of it. It's the spammers, the scammers, trolls and bullies that I don't enjoy seeing and who have lessened my desire to use the internet as a social tool.

      I'm bored with all the drama and bad behavior I see when online. I don't care to make time for that.