Monday, May 13, 2013

I Object

What am I objecting to?


My hours got cut at work again. This time I decided to get firm and tell them that if I'm only going to be given 16 hours a week, I am only willing to work 3 days. If I get called to cover a case on a day off is one thing, but to regularly schedule me for 2 hours a day isn't going to work for me. Three days allows me time to myself and still gives me the ability to provide coverage for others if needed.

My schedule was rearranged and I got out of bed Saturday morning planning on some online fun. My fun was interrupted by a brief thunderstorm which necessitated I shut down the computer. When the power came back on, the computer didn't. I tried using Hubby's 10 inch Acer netbook. Typing on that was so painful that I only lasted 15 minutes.

The price of desktop computers these days was an eye opener. Hubby's truck just got a new engine so we could stay in business and that wiped out our available cash. Much of April was spent with almost 0 business income since there was no truck to conduct business with. Then it took a week to change out the engine and whatever parts needed changing with it. So, I simply didn't have the money to replace the dead computer.

It was 8 years old and the tech guy at the local repair shop said he wouldn't be able to get the parts anymore. So, it looked like I was going to have to tough it out with Hubby's 10 inch. Tried it again and the verdict was...NO.

Fortunately Best Buy had a Toshiba 15 inch on sale for less than $300. The price is a thumbs up, however Windows 8, the operating system is a big thumbs down.

There is a tutorial for it somewhere in this thing. I can't find it. The very fact that I have a workable screen and was able to download Chrome browser occurred entirely by accident. I had to password protect this thing before it would even allow me to see the thumbnails which you get until you create the desktop. Problem with the thumbnail view is that once you open it, there are no icons that will help you navigate it.

If you wave your cursor around long enough something with icons slides out the side of your screen. It, of course, doesn't stay still long enough for you to actually click on anything except the settings icon and the power off icon. I use that a lot since I keep clicking into things expecting it to resemble something I'm familiar with, finding out it doesn't and not finding the way out of the screen.

I'm sure I will figure it out in time, if I can find where they hid the tutorial. In the meantime I can shut it off and hope I don't break the power button turning it back on so much.

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