Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Family Mystery Deepens and She Did WHAT????

I am no closer to finding out how Granddad Milo came to have that account journal in his possession. The only idea I had regarding it's source has bitten the dust rather thoroughly. It's source couldn't have been Grandma Fannie since the dry goods store she worked in didn't exist until somewhere around 1890. Obviously not the source of provisions for a Union Army Regiment being sent off to fight in the Civil War.

This historical research stuff is fun. Especially when you're dealing with a family who weren't the least bit interested in listening to "the stories" told to them as children. None of them got interested until all those who could have answered their questions had passed into the great beyond long ago. Figures, right? So, I am stuck trying to get at the information I'd like to have without the benefit of anyone with a memory of anything and without access to whatever other members of the family descended from brothers and sisters of Granddad Milo may have found out. They have their findings on Ancestry dot com where one has to be a member and PAY to do so. Ummmm, no. Not going to do that no matter how curious I get.

What I do know so far is this. Granddad Milo was born in either 1875 or 1874. He died in Feb of 1955. Grandma Fannie died in 1954 and was either born in 1888 or at a date unknown depending on which of the two Fannies buried with Granddad the cemetery has listed information on. Interesting since there is only one Fannie actually buried there. So much for cemetery records.

It also turns out that the Bert listed in the journal wasn't a brother to Milo, which is what everyone thought. Bert's last name is Nutt, which is the maiden name of Fannie, wife of Milo. If anyone had a truer last name, I haven't heard it. Seriously. Fannie seems to have been quite the gal.

Hubby remembers Grandma Fannie living with some really mean guy named Al. He is the person I need to thank for Hubby's lack of interest in sports. When the kids went to visit Grandma Fannie, if sports were playing on the teevee machine, kids needed to sit their asses down quietly and "shaddup gol dammit!" This order was almost always followed by a slap across the back of the head. The very fact that Al survived that behavior surprises me no end since Fannie was on the violent side herself.

It seems that Granddad Milo had a glass eye. He acquired it by making Fannie very, very angry. So angry that she threw a dinner fork at him for some infraction or other and it lodged in his eye. Apparently this wasn't the first attempt on his life, since Old Charlie said that Fannie was the only person or thing he ever knew Milo to be afraid of. It was, however the last. While he didn't have her arrested, he did put her out of the house and lived quite serenely until he couldn't take care of himself anymore.

Next avenue of research will be whether or not Milo's Dad could be the source of the journal. Fortunately I do have the information on who he was, who he married and how many kids they had. Even have their names so although I'm not finding out what I want to know, I'm at least getting somewhere.

Told you this was fun.


  1. lol sounds like quite an interesting lot!

    1. Appalachia ain't got nothing on Hubby's family for sure, or mine for that matter. There's a few skeletons in my closet as well. LOL