Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Giving Thanks

About 2:30 this morning I was dragged from the arms of sleep by a thunderstorm. There was, for a split second a wash of annoyance at having been so unceremoniously ripped from my dreams. Then I remembered Moore, Oklahoma.

I began, in the middle of the lightening and thunder, to give thanks.

I gave thanks for my ability to see, hear and understand just how lucky I was that when this storm passed I would still have a roof over my head.

I gave thanks for the knowledge that my loved ones were safe.

I gave thanks for the reminder that while I may feel that my troubles are insurmountable, there are those whose problems actually are far, far worse than mine.

I may have lost sleep, but hundreds have lost their homes and 91 families have lost forever the ability to hold their loved ones in their arms. I have lost nothing compared to that.


  1. Amen, count your blessings. ]

    1. It's a lot easier to count blessings when we remember the plight of others.

  2. Great perspective! Thank you for the reminder. Ron

    1. My perspective on many things changed drastically when my husband suffered an intestinal blockage last August. I thought he was dying. The ER services, surgery and his 5 day hospital stay cost $40,000 and we had no insurance. I applied for Hill Burton relief and was granted a large amount of charitable payment for his expenses, and our copay was set at a monthly figure we can afford.

      Life is a lot easier when I don't focus on the negative. I could have lost my Hubby, and that's far worse than spending the rest of my life in debt.