Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Zombie Apocalypse Better Hurry Or They Won't Have Anything To Eat.

I've come to the conclusion that Americans, or at least those living in the United States, are either insane or stupid. My preference would be that we are insane, but my common sense tells me that stupid is more likely. Having said that, I now wish to find a cabin on a mountain top that would be inaccessible to anyone but me and a very few others that I think might possibly still have some brains. OK, so I'll let Hubby and Butterscotch come with me. I love them, they can be whatever they want to be and I won't say a word.

I need to get away from all media for the rest of my life or at least an hour or so. I am at a point where I want to take this idea of American Exceptionalism and shove it where the sun don't shine. We're so busy believing we're exceptional that the rest of the world is outstripping us in almost every category except bullshit and we're freaking blind to it.

I ask this in all honesty. Tell me please, if you can, why we're stuck on gossiping about Anthony Weiner's wiener pics and not discussing the $800,000 income that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas "forgot" that he made and never claimed on his taxes? What about his refusal, so far, to recuse himself on healthcare challenges when his wife is a lobbyist for people who might want to overturn the healthcare reform?

Oh no, we have to display our righteous indignation over Congressman Weiner's "Weinergate". Shouts of "He's a LIAR" or "He's a PERV" ring loudly and are drowning out those of us who want to discuss the issues facing America today. His behavior was shameful, stalking all those women. Oh! Wait! He said he "EXCHANGED" pictures of himself with several women. So, what kind of pictures did they send to him? Frankly, if these women didn't like it, they could have asked him to stop. They could have reported him years ago, or they could have blocked him.

I am not, in any way, shape, form or manner excusing him. What I'm saying is that we, the "exceptional" American people allow the sex lives of the rich and famous to overshadow the narrative about what should be more important. Like the state of our economy. How about the cost of our healthcare? How about a Supreme Court Judge that also, if you remember, was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill when he was being examined as a potential Supreme Court Judge? One who now appears to be a tax cheat and a con man with few ethical standards. So far, Weiner is just...well...a wiener.

So, Anthony Weiner has now joined the ranks of powerful Washington players who seem to have difficulty keeping his pants zipped up. And that appears to be what's most important to the people of America. That and getting a date with Kim Kardashian. Excuse me, I need to go find my cat. He doesn't say anything but he makes a hell of a lot more sense than people do.


  1. Sherry:

    The whole purpose of Weinergate is to distract those stupid American morons from focusing on what is truly important to the future of our nation.

  2. Time to clean out the barn is coming...


  3. Whit,

    Don't you mean exceptional American Morons? And people wonder why we're in such a mess.

  4. Sarge,

    Hopefully the barn cleaning will happen before the barn fire starts and the cows all perish.

  5. Fringe,

    I'm kind of awesome when I'm angry. When I have time I'm going to have to post the experience I had that lead to this post.

    I have to do some research on Topsy to find the tweets that set me off.

  6. I am at a point where I want to take this idea of American Exceptionalism and shove it where the sun don't shine.

    American Exceptionalism went out the door at least twenty years ago, if not a lot longer. Any banana republic can bomb the hell out of a more primitive neighbor.

    You know what absolutely freaked me out the other day? I found out we have more people in prison than Commie China and they have a population well over a billion. Throw in our high infant mortality, education system that sucks, and a general lack of giving a damn about anything other than money and American exceptionalism is a joke.

  7. Sherry,
    Kiwis who have paid any attention at all to Weinergate aske, "what's the big deal?" They say that had he been wise, Weiner wouldn't have done what he did, but his larger mistake was lying about it. Here, if a politician engaged in such behavior it would hardly be a blip on the radar so long as the guy wasn't using governmental resources for his sideline activities. From the outside looking in, people wonder at Americans' obsession with sex scandals even as those same Americans turn a blind eye to violence and fiscal mayhem.

  8. Beach Bum,

    There's so much wrong with our society these days that nothing makes sense to me sometimes. I keep trucking thru life trying to avoid running into the Ugly American Syndrome myself.

    The only thing exceptional about the US is our ability to hate and be blind to what ails us.

  9. Mr. O,

    The problem for me is I think he did use government computers for his little games. Violence and fiscal mayhem doesn't quite trip the sex obsessed triggers of the exceptional American. Disgusting isn't it?

  10. I hadn't heard about the forgotten 800K. Funny, as there's no way you "forget" that much money.

  11. Skinny,

    She was affiliated with Liberty Central who paid her, over a period of 3 or 4 years, the sum of $800,000 which was never reported as income. When pressed for an explanation, Clarence Thomas said he "forgot" about it.

    Thomas disclosed his income on the very same day that Weinergate occurred. The information was almost totally ignored since the media focused on Weiner. There have been absolutely no questions forthcoming from the media regarding the Thomas financial disclosure.

    I am appalled by the actions of both Weiner and Thomas and am seriously disturbed by the failure of the media to investigate Thomas.