Friday, June 24, 2011

I Haz A Vacation

I'm not exactly sure, but I believe I started work for my present place of employment in March or April of 1999. Except for the occassional day off here and there and 2 or 3 days off for the death of each of my parents, I have not had a vacation in all these years. Until now.

As of 4 PM today, June 24, I am on vacation.

I'm writing this offline since it's pouring out which has effectively interfered with my satellite connection to both the TV and the internet. I'm listening to the rain, the very distant rumbles of thunder and am considering what I plan on doing during my vacation.

When I went by the town park today, they were setting the bleachers up for the graduation ceremony, just in case. I will be there IF it doesn't rain and they hold the ceremony in the park. Won't need a ticket for that. Her party isn't for another 3 weeks so after the ceremony I plan on heading for Super Shoes to see if I can find a pair of new ones for work. My Reeboks have lost the cushion under the balls of my feet and it's starting to hurt. My right foot has developed a stone bruise which will be removed on Thursday, and I need to have the right kind of cushioning there to stop it from redeveloping right away.

I have a short list of things I need to do around the house which will include trying on clothing to see what fits now, or may fit soon. The larger items in good condition will be going to one of the many charity drop boxes that are being installed all over the area. I've laid in some fresh fruits for snacking along with a few good books to read in the afternoons. I have a massage booked at a local spa and a date for lunch with the girls.

With the exception of the things I've mentioned here, my plans aren't set in stone. I'm off until July 5th so I have plenty of time to enjoy myself. I'm just going to do a few different things so you might not find me online much this week. I plan on using my vacation time as a break from the usual things I do. I think I'll just shut off the rest of the world and spend time with myself and my cat. Don't break anything while I'm gone. Not having anything to come back to would just ruin my vacation.


  1. I plan on using my vacation time as a break from the usual things I do.

    Sounds like a good plan, have fun!

  2. everybody needs a 'vacation.' Enjoy yours!

  3. Sherry:

    The problem with retirement is that there are no vacations. I wish that I had a job like you so I could have a vacation. :^)

  4. Beach Bum,

    Vacation day 1 coming to a close and I had the best time. Hubby is all ready sleeping on the couch, it's been a looooong day. lol

  5. Ice,

    I'm enjoying. After the ceremony I went shoe shopping. LOL

  6. Whit,

    That sounds like there should be a vacation from retirement. Oh! Wait! There is. I believe it's called having a job. ROFL!

  7. Hope you have a great time being off! (This was around the time I had vacation back in the day) <3

  8. Faire,

    I'm enjoying myself so far and plan on continuing to do so. I don't go back to work until July 5. I'm going to enjoy myself for sure.

  9. I think I'm getting jealous. Whole week off sounds nice.

  10. Skinny,

    Nice but tiring. I'm off until the 5th so this is a nice long one.