Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have To

I've been trying to work on a new playlist for the blog. Unfortunately the weather is interfering. Wind, thunder, lightening, heavy cloud cover and conditions are ripe for internet connection interruptions. Frequent interruptions. Which is perfectly fine by me since there are far too many lightening strikes happening to be having the computer on at all.

My only complaint regarding the weather is that it will be doing this thunderboomer stuff until sometime on Sunday. My granddaughter graduates from high school this year. Graduation ceremonies are Saturday morning. Normally held in the town park. This year it might be held in the school auditorium which isn't large enough to hold everyone who wants to come. Each graduate is issued only a few tickets to the indoor ceremony. Which will leave me out.

She has 6 tickets for 8 people. Youngest, his wife, the graduate's brother, maternal grandfather, paternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. Which would leave out paternal grandmother's husband and me. I don't have a problem with this, however, Hubby's ex wants his ticket for her husband and she's pitching a bitch over the decision to give it to Hubby.

To keep the peace, Hubby said to give his ticket to the ex for her husband. We will be hoping for a long enough break in the weather that would allow for an outdoor ceremony and we have told our granddaughter that we are very proud of her accomplishments and we will be there if it's outdoors. Hubby feels that he doesn't want to leave me out any more than his ex wants to leave out her husband. He just isn't spiteful enough to take his disappointment out on our granddaughter during her special event.

I've never tried to be anything more than a wife to the father of her kids. I've always felt that they have a mother, they didn't need two. Probably because I had a step-mother who tried to interfere with my life when I already had a mother. I know what that felt like and refused to do it to anyone else. These are people we're talking about, not prizes awarded for the games we play.

Unlike their mother, I won't do for one what I wouldn't be willing to do for all. I have watched the times she gave expensive leather jackets to the kids and then gave the oldest one a cheap flannel shirt because he disappointed her or she was angry at him. Two of her children have been the recipient of expensive tech toys and then again the oldest would get some inexpensive item. She would do this regularly, until recently. Then she wonders why the oldest is so jealous of the other two.

I've kept my mouth shut and ignored everything she's done because there's nothing to be gained by creating drama. I've always been pleasant to her, because I've known right from the beginning that Hubby's brothers and sisters like me better than they ever did her. I know that's a petty satisfaction, but it has helped me overlook all of the nonsense she's tried over the 24 years we've been together.

Sometimes I do wish I could fight back. My Dad could be one mean sonuvabitch, and none of his children missed inheriting that particular gene. She's going to push my buttons one too many times and she isn't going to like the results. Until then, I'm just ignoring her and trying to heal the wounds she causes. Her turn will come.


  1. graciousness always wins out...if you can't play mean be gracious, it kills 'em!

  2. Sherry:

    "I've kept my mouth shut and ignored everything she's done because there's nothing to be gained by creating drama."

    I think you should continue with this reaction.

  3. the tickets should remain with whoever the graduate (grand-daughter) gave them to.

    Hope it doesn't rain and you guys can go outside.

  4. Bella,

    Playing mean would only cause trouble. It worked out all right, she got 2 more tickets from a friend who didn't need them, so we all got to go.

  5. Whit,

    You're probably right. Karma will get her, I'll just leave her to it.

  6. Ice,

    It was indoors but we did get to go. A good friend of the graduate gave her 2 tickets that she had gotten for family who couldn't make it after all.