Thursday, September 17, 2009

We'll Meet Again....Dame Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn, whose popularity in the UK during World War II as the "Armed Forces Sweetheart", proves that sometimes music...good music is timeless. At the age of 92, she has been introduced to an entire new generation of music lovers. She is no stranger to me, my Dad was in the Army during that war, and although she was a British singer, he loved her music.

From Wikipedia

On 13th September 2009, Dame Vera became the oldest living artist to make it into No. 1 in the UK album chart, at the age of 92. Her collection We'll Meet Again: The Very Best of Vera Lynn entered the chart at number 20 on 30th August, and then climbed to number 2 the following week, before reaching the top position. In doing this, she beat out the re-mastered Beatles' album of songs. In its third week the album went Gold with sales of over 100,000.

Found this video with pictures of current families saying goodbye as their loved one goes off to serve and protect. If you're like me, grab tissues before viewing.


  1. Quite good actually, and as you say, timeless.....
    Funny you should mention the remastered Beatles discs, they're all over Wal Mart right now. Kind of tempts one to get a copy of the "White" cd just to see the differences. I am lucky enough to have an unplayed copy of the "White" album on LP vinyl..maybe it's time to let it go on e-bay and invest in the cd remastered version, no?....S

  2. Now might prove to be profitable for the White album. I have my Rubber soul in CD form and in vinyl, but it's the vinyl has been played, boy has it been played. LOL

    I was raised on the Swing Bands and the Sweetheart Vera Lynn, at least until the latter part of 59 and onto 1960. Our at home music changed drastically then.

  3. a new blog look too?! must be the season!

  4. And just what season is that? LOL