Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Foreigner Revisited

Among the weekend birthday bounty that I received was a Walmart $5 CD one of my brothers decided to honor my big 60 with. I survived the shock. What shock? Both the choice of CD and the fact that he actually spent his money on me. What he gave me was Foreigner, Extended Versions. I liked Foreigner, he did not. He is a head banger, and while I do like some of that, my preferences are usually ignored by him.

This particular Extended Version CD is a live recording of Foreigner made at the Texas Station in Las Vegas in....2005! While it doesn't contain all of the Foreigner hits that I like so well, it's got enough on it to satisfy. The singer is not Lou Gramm as his brain tumor surgery created problems with his voice, but I have to say Kelly Hansen does a good job as his replacement.

1. Head Games

2. Cold As Ice

3. Waiting For A Girl Like You

4. Dirty White Boy

5. Starrider

6. Feels Like The First Time

7. Urgent

8. Jukebox Hero/Whole Lotta Love

9. I Want To Know What Love Is

10. Hot Blooded


  1. I was a big fan of Foreigner from about 77-81, when "Four" came out. The first four albums are must haves, with "Head Games" being my favorite album...

    Ironic that I was looking at the the same cd's at WM this past weekend as your brother was...

    Very nice choice and nice of him.

    Lou's band, with his two brothers in tow, is still touring and are worth a listen..


  2. I like it, although I think I'm still in shock that he bought me something, even if it did only cost $5 and tax.

    Of course the first thing I listened to was Pink Floyd. I had a few chores to do and they didn't get done until later because for me, Pink Floyd is kick back and listen type music.

  3. They had a great strings of hits I enjoyed, including the one you posted, and it sounds like you got some pretty good birthday presents there girlie!

  4. I'm shocked at this one, big time. I've given him gifts in the past and NEVER gotten one from him before. The other part of the shock is that his taste in music would be very like BigChris's. Anthrax, Pantera etc.

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall when he stood in front of MY side of the CD rack and picked this. LOL Gosh, I almost feel like Sally Fields getting an Oscar. Oh you really really love me! LOL