Sunday, September 13, 2009

Putting Truth And God Back Where They Belong

I've begun to wonder, with so much hatred aimed at Pres. Obama, how did he get elected? Another thing I'm asking myself is when did we begin to use the word liar as a label for someone who Believes in but MAY be mistaken in what they tell us?

If I tell you something in good faith that turns out to be a situation in which I was misinformed...did I lie? Apparently In Congress it does, especially if I don't agree with the other side.

Something else I've begun to wonder. Since in some minds, the Republican Party is the last bastion of the "keeping God in Government War", why are they ALWAYS the ones to be so unloving and faithless? Why do they believe they have the right to control what happens in our government? Would I be correct in saying that I BELIEVE they do this because they want the Constitutional Separation of Church and State to mean what THEY want it to mean? That it is designed to be a one way street keeping government out of our churches, not churches out of our government?

Not once did I meet a single Democratic Liberal who believed that any part of the bill would result in the forced suicide of our elderly. You know us Godless Liberals, the downfall of this great nation? Yet, it was the self proclaimed Christian Conservatives who bought that falsehood, hook, line and sinker. (Most of them still believe it) Those citizens of the good ole US of A who spend their time decrying the absense of God in the buildings of our government and in the heart of our accused Muslim Terrorist, supposedly non citizen, BLACK President, should let God into their hearts before they try to force him into a building. Had they done that, they too would have seen just how sick and disgusting that particular falsehood was. Am I a liar because I beleive that?

The TRUTH: Our Healthcare Industry is too expensive and does NOT produce results enough to justify the cost. Controlling what the insurance company can charge is only half the problem. We NEED to find a way to control what doctors and hospitals can charge for their services. We NEED to control the fraudulent practices that are rampant. Double billing, billing for services not rendered, billing for unnecessary surgeries and expensive tests that are ordered because the doctor owns a share in the lab that provides those expensive tests.

All of this could have been addressed during honest and openminded discussions with an eye towards the designing of a healthcare bill by our Legislators. This could have happened at any time in the past 10 years when they KNEW that the cost of insurance was increasing at a rate that was downright inflationary. It didn't happen did it? Did the rate of Health Insurance inflation go unnoticed while Congress was counting the money they were receiving from the Insurance Industry? Would I be a "liar" if I said that in my heart of hearts I BELIEVE that to be the case?

It seems to me that IF God was in the Hearts of the Christian Conservatives who sit in the halls of our Government, then they HAD to know the 'pulling the plug on granny' and the 'death panels' were LIES. Yet, ALL of them sat silent while their fellow members fanned that particular flame. NOT ONCE did ANY of the Christian Conservatives open their mouths and say "that's sick and disgusting". It took an accused Muslim Terrorist who supposedly is a noncitizen BLACK President to utter those words. Would you call me a liar if I said I believe those to be the words of a MAN who keeps God in his HEART where HE belongs?

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