Friday, September 18, 2009

Armed And Dangerous

You're cruisin along playing the radio and just as you pull into the driveway of your happens. THE song. The one that you really, really, REALLY want to hear starts playing on the radio. Naturally, you're in a situation where you just can't sit there and listen to it and you don't have a copy of it at home to ease that particular yearning with. I tell ya, it's FRUSTRATING!

Oh...wait! I just realized something. It would be MORE frustrating to be trapped in a car driving along and listening to this song when you really want to shake that bootay to the music. I can just see that now. Sitting at a stop light wiggling in the car seat while those around you give you "the look" and roll up their windows just in case it's contagious. They look at you like you're out of your mind or maybe you need to go to the bathroom. "Agnes! You best roll up that dang window before whatever she ails from gets ahold of us!" People! People! People! I'm not a dog that needs to hike it's leg and baptize your tires. Sheesh!

Yep, it's all Autry DeWalt Mixon Jr's fault. I just can't help myself. I make a fool out of myself wiggling my groove thang around like there's a flea a bitin' on my butt. I'm NOT crazy. I'm not suffering from epilepsy or any other kind of twitchin' disease. No, the devil hasn't got ahold of me and I don't steal babies, dogs or cats and sacrifice them in the woods under a full moon.

I'm just an old rocker chick with a few high gears I haven't stripped out yet. I can still rock and roll with the best of them. Especially when my butt is being prodded by that Jr. Walker and his big SHOTGUN.


  1. You're so funny....I know exactly what you are talking about as BOTH things have happened to me.....dig the cut too, Happy Friday and go ahead on with that shakin.....S

  2. I have an internal combustion engine which is fueled by music. I hear music, words and all, but I tend to feel it more. I even walk in time to music if I hear any.

    I get grinned at a lot in stores where there's a constant background of music being played, I'm quite capable of forgetting myself and groove to it.

  3. I used to do that grovvin thing a lot more than I do now since my daughter was old enough to stand there, put her hand on her hip and roll her eyes up far enough for the cornea to disappear as she issues that loud click....."Unnnnnh, dad, your embarrassing me"...But you should see me when she's not around! I swear you and I must be related. It's music or

  4. I'm not always aware I'm doing it. Our kids just accepted that I did that and Hubby's youngest who hates to dance would once in awhile bust a move with me. LOL

    In 6th grade I took a music aptitude test in school. After, the school practically begged my parents to allow me to join the school orchestra. Dad refused because he caused his Mom to work real hard to buy him a guitar because he wanted to play. He got it and on the way from lessons one day, he intentionally fell on it and broke it. LOL

    Now, the only instrument I'd like to learn to play is a steel guitar and no one up around here teaches it.

  5. hiya Sherry, I was out playing in Blogstream for awhile. Great tune. I can't play nothing but the piano, my dad tried to teach me guitar but it hurt my fingertips! I think a steel guitar would be kewl to learn, so go for it!

  6. Pedal Steel guitar is an instrument that I don't believe I could teach myself to play. I haven't managed to find an instructor up around here or I would.