Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas At My House

I created the wreath, garland and the floral arrangements on the divider shelf. I even made the bows.  My friend of 20 plus years who always took care of whatever florals I wanted, sold her home and moved to the Asheville N. Carolina area. She has a sister and her family living there. She gave me some pieces to work on, some ribbons and flowers, but I used Dollar Tree items because I wanted to save the quality items she gave me until I learn what I'm doing and can make florals for gifts. 

It may very well have been the loss of my friend to another state or a need to shake myself out of a rut, but on December 1, I had my hair dyed plum.

At first it was something I planned for Christmas and once it had faded away or whatever it does, I wasn't going to do it again. Well, as soon as I saw it I loved it and I'm going to keep it for awhile. The desire to do it came out of nowhere. I was looking at a Facebook post that showed different colors of purple that one could have their hair dyed. I saw the Plum and there it is. 

My hair is resistant to perms so we aren't sure how long this will last. With that in mind I'm trying not to wash it more than once a week. The first wash nearly caused me a heart attack when the suds that rinsed off were plum colored. I thought it was all gone, but it wasn't. I'm just not willing to take any chances since I want it as vibrant a plum color for Christmas as I can have it. 

When I get tired of this color, who knows? I just might try Teal. Then again, I might just let it return to it's normal salt and pepper state and let the memory of plum dancing in my hair put a smile on my face. 


  1. Your Christmas decorations look nice. We leave our decorations up through January, because those are bleak wintry days and the color in the house is pleasing.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I don't think I'm leaving my Christmas decorations up, but I have more flowers and a couple of different mediums I can use to make a different, less Christmassy wreath for the door and arrangements for other places in our home.