Friday, December 22, 2017

Sometimes The Best Gifts Are The Ones You Didn't Know You Wanted

This is the newest addition to our menagerie. Her name is Miss Kitty and she lived here before we did. She actually lived here with my niece and her boyfriend in the home that we tore down and replaced.

The 4 neighbors to the right of me are her aunts and uncles on the maternal side of the family, we represent the paternal side. We knew nothing about this cat when she showed up at our door wanting to come in. They did and they weren't kind enough to tell us.

They knew she was abandoned, one of them caught her and took her to my niece's home where they felt she belonged. How she got back here is pure speculation but she arrived the first week we lived here. We thought she was a barn cat from across the street and so we ignored her. I feel guilty for that because she spent the first winter we lived here outside in the snow and cold without someone to love her..

From Thanksgiving 2016 to March 2017 we have no idea where she was, but we didn't see her. By the time we did see her again, my sister-in-law had called me to tell me about the cat and give me her name.

With the fact that we have 2 cats to start out with, we made the effort to find her a home. When we couldn't find anyone to take her we brought her into the house, had a visit with the vet to bring her and the others up to date on their shots. She's healthy and hasn't tried to leave the house since she came in. Even with the stress of being not very welcomed by the 2 neutered males that live here, she doesn't run out the door even when there is an opportunity to do so.

Our niece claimed the cat won't stay in the house. Our closest neighbor mentioned to my husband that it's too bad such a sweet cat won't stay in the house. All I know is that she came inside in October and despite the fact that our other cats eat her food, use her litter box, torment and bully her every chance they get, she shows no sign of leaving.

She shares my craft room and stays out of whatever I'm doing unless she wants attention. She's content to play with her toys, look out the window and snooze in my chair. When out in the house she likes the couch and the attentions of my husband. She seems happy to be here and although I never really wanted a multiple cat home, I'm happy to have her. She's a little sweetheart and she's ours.


  1. I have to confess I'm a bit jealous of you for having Miss Kitty. When we lost Alexander the Great we adopted a loving cat that we named Isis for the Egyptian goddess. After she was adopted, she decided she hated me...loves my wife...runs if I come into the room...Cats are wonderfully and sometimes fickle creatures.

    1. We have 3 cats that love both of us equally. When Miss K is with Hubby on the couch the other 2 are with me in the big chair. There are times when they share the couch with my husband until somebody moves and then the hissing starts. LOL