Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I'll Get Right On That, Tomorrow

I have a habit of walking through my home a few times in the morning to limber up my joints. After doing that and grabbing a cup of coffee I sat down here and looked around. I realized that I just spent 5 or 10 minutes walking past things that need to be picked up and disposed of in the recycling container. For a minute here I thought that combining the two activities would be a great timesaver except, I'm retired and saving time isn't my priority. If I did both together I'd have more time to sit, which isn't as healthy for anyone as moving is.

While thinking about the upcoming Christmas Eve gathering with my family, I remembered a remark my Uncle made last year. He said I was stronger than my Mom was at the same age. There's no magic involved in that. I simply move more than she did.

Somehow she had the idea that because she was of a certain age, she didn't have the strength to accomplish the things she hated doing. She was lazy to start out with and aging gave her an excuse. Older equaled weaker. She'd whine about not being able to do things until she found the receptive ear attached to someone who would do it for her. When faced with something I don't really want to do, I look around and somehow there isn't anyone here to do it except me. I'd whine about life not being fair, however, I suspect that's why I'm healthier than she was. Without someone to con into doing it for me, I get to do it myself.

When it comes to lazy, I have my days. I just spend a day or two getting a grip on myself and then I get up and git er done. I do need to be doing more of the git er done and less of the lazy, which gives me a goal to work on in the new year.

Today I need to go grocery shopping, wrap the rest of the gifts and I probably should do some housekeeping since the maid appears to have quit. Maybe I'll do the housekeeping tomorrow since the other tasks I have planned involve enough movement for the day.

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