Saturday, February 18, 2017

Yes! I'm Really, Really Home.

I am not one to remember dreams. I can be rudely woken by a nightmare and not be able to tell you what transpired that caused me to scream out in fear. Once awake I'm hard pressed to remember any part of any dream no matter how pleasant or how terrifying. I've always resented that, but have decided after this particular dream that my inability to remember dreams occurred because I've never had such a wildly memorable one before.

At first I thought that this dream wasn't just one dream. I had pretty well convinced myself of that until I remembered that in all parts that I remember there was a connection to something that came before it. It's so wild and unreal an experience I'm not sure I can share it in any way that won't cause my readers to experience mass confusion.

It starts out with my husband and myself living in a home we've inherited from someone we don't know. He wants to sell our home and move into this inherited house and I want to sell the inherited house and live in our home. The house is beautiful and logically would bring more money in the market than our home would. He finally agrees with me and we begin the process of inviting a realtor to estimate the value and help us decide if staging would help us sell quickly. When the realtor shows up the fantasy begins.

When I looked out the window to see who has parked the car the house is in one neighborhood. When we open the door to let him in, we have moved, house and all to a different neighborhood. While we are doing the walk through so he can see what there is to sell, I'm slightly ahead of him and I can see the wall to wall carpet in each room expanding into a hump, ripping open and spewing furniture out of the opening which arranges itself in each room. They don't see the carpet hump split they just see the furniture in it's proper place. Strangely I don't find this phenomenon at all disconcerting. Seems normal to me until as he leaves, one of those humps split and spews a pack of dogs.

The dogs all want to be let out and when I open the door, we're again in a new neighborhood which is actually an old one of mine. I lived in a mobile home park decades ago that closed. This house is now situated on the spot where my old home sat. In the dream, the owner of the old park had decided to invest money into making it a double wide community which was now how the house looked on the outside. Everything inside was exactly the same. Although it looked now like a double wide on the outside there were stairs that took you to the second story rooms that existed in the house when it first appeared in my dream.

One of the dogs that came from the hole in the carpet hump was injured and in need of veterinary care. I decided to take him to the emergency vet in the next town, 10 miles away. At the house, there was a vehicle in the driveway but for some reason I didn't load it up and drive off. I loaded the dog into my yard wagon and proceeded to start walking to the vet. At this point my husband is no longer around and I don't know what happened to him nor does it bother me.

The journey to this vet takes me past a former friends home and when she sees me walking with the wagon she volunteers to drive me and this dog to the vet. This is where the trouble starts. She tells me we have to make a stop on the way that won't take a minute except the stop is back to the last neighborhood where I left the house only the house was gone.

We are at a party in a different house in the place where the house I flew to that neighborhood had sat when I was in it last. Somehow my former friend and I become separated and she simply leaves without me. While I'm trying to locate her in this party so we can take the dog to the vet, someone steals the yard wagon and the dog and I get locked out in the rain. I find a shopping cart, put the dog in that, start pushing the cart which morphs into a golf cart which flies us to the vet and as the door of the vet clinic opens I wake up.

No matter what happened in this dream, no matter how far fetched it was, the only constant emotion I experienced was a desire to go home. I woke up at home with a big smile on my face. First because I was home and secondly because apparently my subconscious conjured up a home that disappeared and reappeared as if by magic. Isn't imagination wonderful?  If there is a third reason for the smile on my face it is because no matter how bad my dream experiences got, I simply went about taking care of things in whatever way I could. I simply accepted what happened and kept on moving forward, because sooner or later forward would take me home. And it did, and here I am. Happy to be home.


  1. Wow that was quite a dream ! I rarely remember my dreams in detail either, but I used to have a recurring dream about a house with all these different rooms. I think I wrote that dream on one of my blogs. I need to look for it and read it again. I haven't had that dream now in several years, but when I had it, I would have it a couple of times a year for about 5 years. Dreams can be quite strange.

    And by the way --- there is no place like home! Glad you are there and happy :-)

    1. I think it's a strange dream. I've wondered a time or two since having it, if the house could stage itself just because I wanted it to, why couldn't the dog and I have arrived at the vet without so much hassle? I can wish a house into staging but not wish a dog into the vets? Getting medical treatment for an animal is far more a priority in my mind than having a fancy decorated house.