Friday, February 3, 2017

Going Shopping In Pajamas

Today while puttering around the house I kept thinking of so many things I could write about. Now that I have the time, I can't think of what I wanted to say. There is this though.

Last week I ordered some surfaces to paint on from Michaels. I decided I needed something new and different and found them at Michaels online. I thought about driving over to the store in New Hartford and then realized the surfaces I chose were not available in the stores. So, I did my first of what may be many online art supply orders. I cross checked the prices between Michaels and Hobby Lobby and discovered Michaels was cheaper and since I would have spent the amount needed to get free shipping had I driven to the store, I placed the order. Got half of it yesterday the rest today.

Since these pieces are to be painted for sale, I should have written down the price per piece so I know what to charge once I'm ready to sell whatever I paint. Then I realized I have the billing info in my email inbox. I also now have close to 25 surfaces so I'm all set for awhile. The only thing I can see myself needing now will be paints in a couple of months.

When I'm ready, I won't be driving to either Michaels or Hobby Lobby and I actually won't be ordering paints from them either. After finding out I do artwork and will order online, a Facebook friend sent me the link to Dick Blick. They have all the paints I use as do the other 2 places however, they have a wider variety of colors and they are the same price. Plus their minimum order size to earn free shipping is less. That part really doesn't matter so much because I can't go into an arts and craft store without dropping $50.

In my case any savings realized from online shopping would be saving the price of gas and avoiding the time it takes to get to New Hartford, shop around and then drive home. I like shopping for art supplies with my friend Jeannie but she's moving to N. Carolina in a few months so I'd have to make the trip alone, which I can do but why?. This way I can order online and the items will be delivered to my door. I can stay home and be a shopping in my PJs kind of hermit.

Something I said to another friend who then proceeded to tell me that it's very important at my age to engage in social activity with others. So I'll tear myself away from my paints and invite someone to dinner now and again, like my Husband for instance. I don't need to get all dressed up and drive 40 miles round trip to buy things I can buy from the comfort of my home. Since I don't live by myself in social isolation, I doubt my health will be affected by my desire not to drive around on snow and ice if I can avoid it.


  1. Shopping on line is how I mostly shop now. If you don't use PayPal you should look into it. It is the safest way to shop - not having to post your credit card number on line for a purchase - and they guarentee your purchase - it is like shopping insurance.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I got advice on this from my DIL the bank manager. I have a debit only card for an account at a credit union. I keep only enough over the amount I'm spending that is necessary to keep the account open. That way my credit card is never posted online.

      When it comes to bigger items, I want to see what I'm buying so I go shopping for that.

  2. The same thing happens to me all of the to me. I think of things to write all day and then when I get ready to write, I can't remember any of it and can't think of anything.

    I hate shopping but when I do need something,unless I need it today, I shop online for it. It's just so much more convenient and relaxing for me.

    Now if I could buy groceries online, I could be a real hermit ! There are some groceries you can buy online, but it is all that packaged and processed food which I try to avoid .

    1. I believe eventually we will be able to buy everything online including fresh fruits and veggies. Some areas have that service through companies like Fresh Direct and Blue Apron, but they aren't available everywhere yet.

      Since I did geriatric home care for a living, it is healthier for seniors to have regular face to face social interactions. It cuts down on the amount depression elderly people develop.