Sunday, February 5, 2017

New Neighbors And A Happy Day

I was in my craft room looking at reference books trying to decide what I wanted to paint. Precious Kitty was sitting in the window and all of a sudden he went ballistic. I looked out to see what he was looking at and there was a black and white cat out there. I closed the door when I left the room in case Precious decided to run when I opened the outside door and went out to see what was up. While observing the little thing through the window I had a glimpse of a collar that appeared to have something written on it and was hoping it would help me locate it's human.

It took me forever to find my small blanket and get my boots and coat on but when I quietly opened the door kitty was still sitting there crying. I really wasn't sure what to do at that point since most cats will run when approached by a stranger but this one was too cold, too hungry to do anything except cry.

I didn't look to see what gender she was but the collar was pink so I'm making an assumption the poor thing was a she. I brought her into the house, took her into Hubby's office and got out the carrier to house her in once I examined her collar. I found a phone number and no other info on the collar. She went into the carrier with the blanket and I called the number and told the voicemail who I was and why I was calling.

I was afraid she was an abandoned kitty whose human hadn't thought to remove her collar and I was in the process of fretting about what I was going to do if that was the case, when the phone rang. It seems that kitty and her companion had recently moved into a home down the road from me. He had her in the bathroom while the movers were bringing in the furniture and his grandchild opened the bathroom door and kitty ran. Poor thing has been out there for a week and it's been cold and snowing every day. No wonder she was so exhausted.

They're a nice couple in their late 50s. Their daughter bought their bigger home from them and they bought this smaller home since there's just the 2 of them and they're getting near retirement age. They were heartbroken by the loss of their cat. That took the shine off the new home experience but now that kitty has come home they're looking forward to many happy years together here.

She was sleeping when he found my voicemail so she didn't know her kitty had been found. I've had 2 calls from her since her husband went home. She just keeps telling me how wonderful I am and asking how they can reward me. My reward was in finding the kitty had a home and was wanted. I'm just grateful I was in my craft room instead of on the computer or I would never have seen Precious get agitated and wouldn't have known that poor cat was out there.

Seems to me that Precious was the wonderful one here. I'm thinking I should quit looking for inspiration in a book and just paint him. We'll see how that works out this week.


  1. I'm glad this story had a happy ending. So many kittens and cats are dumped and for too many of them it doesn't have a happy ending. Glad you found this baby's owners and she is home safe.

    1. At some point in her rambles she picked up a bug. I got a panicked call Monday asking me to recommend a vet. Gave them my vets number. All tests for the bad stuff are negative so she was given an antibiotic shot and sent home.

      Sondra is lonely here and has been calling me 2 to 3 times a day since Sunday. So, since she wanted a part time housekeeping job, I found her one. Her next door neighbor is a brother of my sister-in-law who hasn't been in good health. I called my SIL today and took her to meet Sondra and Sondra begins work at Bobby's tomorrow. She also met Bobby's SIL Marnie and they hit it off so Marnie now has a shopping companion and Sondra has a life. This should result in fewer daily phone calls to me. I hope.