Monday, August 19, 2013

A Woman's Right To Say No And Be Heard

There are 207,754 victims of sexual assault in the US every year. Almost half of the victims at 44% are under the age of 18. Most sexual assault victims are under the age of 30 the account for 80% of all rapes. Only 46% of those cases will ever get reported and 97% of the perpetrators will never see a day in jail. The reason for that is the female victims are made by society to feel that the sexual assault WAS ALL THEIR FAULT.

We live in a society where men are taught that women are lesser than they are. We're objects of their sexual desires so WE have the burden to protect ourselves from being raped. If WE aren't careful enough to protect ourselves, WE aren't supposed to open our mouths and report it because guys will be guys and we'll ruin their lives.

The 15 year old in Steubenville was blamed for what happened to her because she went to a party and got drunk. Nobody wanted to prosecute the 2 boys involved and when it happened, the 15 year old was treated to death threats from other teens because what happened to her was ALL HER FAULT.

Two 13 year olds found themselves in the same situation in Torrington, Connecticutt. They were visiting the guys in an apartment so what happened to them was also all their fault. They too were treated to death threats. Two more sports scholarships lost and that was more important than the violation of the girls.

Children think and act as children. That's why there are consent laws in most states. Very few people anymore seem to grasp the need for those laws. The consensus of opinion these days falls into the old "old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher" category. And we wonder why our children are no longer safe on the streets in our cities and towns.

I can't count the number of times I've heard we have a need to teach women how not to get raped. At the same time, I've watched the number of rape threats that happen online occur simply because a guy disagrees with something a woman says. We fear being raped and some men have no compunction when it comes to using that against us.

In Twitter alone hundreds of emails and tweets threatening to rape feminists and other celebrities have occurred and until recently nothing was done. Twitter prides itself on not interfering with freedom of speech. Since when are threats to rape and murder someone "freedom of speech"? Women who wish to have control over their own bodies and use birth control, have access to clinics where their needs can be addressed are being called sluts and whores. People like Wendy Davis in Texas who tried to stand up for women's reproductive rights are demeaned for doing so.

Somewhere we've blurred the line between consensual sex and sexual assault. Somehow a woman's right to control of her own body is being lost in a world where men are encouraged to exercise their sexual desires regardless of consent on the part of the female. It appears that women are to be considered to be asking for it by simply leaving the safety of their own home and daring to demand they be treated like the people we are.

We work for a living, we pay taxes. Some of us own our own homes. We vote, we're productive members of society, yet when it comes to sexual crimes perpetrated against us all our contributions are discarded on a trash heap somewhere. We're the ones with the vagina so we're the ones who need to learn how not to be raped. NO! Men need to learn when they've crossed the line, men need to learn that their desire isn't all it takes. Men need to take a seat and listen when women say NO.


  1. Sherry,
    I concur. But not all men are sexual predators and I feel that you are wrongly painting all men with the same brush.


    1. No Sarge, not all men are sexual predators. We have pretty near an entire GOP Congress that are victim blamers. Don't you think maybe we're giving sexual predators the wrong message when its so easy to find those who do blame the victim?

      Even Mike Huckabee said "good women don't get raped" and a whole host of people believe that. There's an entire culture of people who want to push the whole issue under the rug because they refuse to believe that rape exists unless the woman is beaten to a bloody pulp. Anything else falls into the category of "she said yes, but then changed her mind".

    2. Again,
      I will concur.

      Cease fire! I surrender...


    3. Oh Dear, I didn't mean to make you feel like a target, just to think about all of the ramifications of what's happening in society today.

      I shall redirect my weapons, any further fire will not be aimed at you.

  2. Men have to start talking to each other about rape and how rape is wrong. Women can't always shoulder the burden for this crime. It's just that simple. I like your post :) I've been raped at age 6 and again at age 16 so I understand this issue.

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  4. Sherry:
    Bookworm has found a website that some of us old time Blogstreamers may find rather useful.. Its called: "The Internet Archive Wayback Machine, in short they have a lot of our blogs from Blogstream for the most part intact.. I entered my old blogstream web address and hit the take me back button, and I'll be damned if the Original Echoes From the Tomb blog didn't just appear! a lot of pics that I posted were gone, everything else as far as text goes was there. and through the blogs I Like feature on my old page I was able to access other peoples blogs too. I saw your original Raindrops blog right there, last night. if there was anything there that you wanted to save you really should check it out. you might still be able to get it back. Just a thought.. have a great weekend.

    1. I tried it and wound up on all my posts about Bashful. Kind of makes me want to cry, but I must say, some of my posts were pretty good. Thanks for the heads up.