Sunday, September 1, 2013

If Life Is A Highway, I Took A Wrong Turn

Now that Dave has moved back in, Precious Kitteh is becoming a wham, bam, thank you ma'am cat. He comes for a visit about the time I open a can of cat food for Butterscotch and wants his share, of course. He wolfs it down like the cad he is and then scoots for the door to be let out. I don't have to let him in since he's not ours by his own choice, but, I'd rather know he's getting something to eat. Dave isn't bright enough to open the door and call to him to come in and Precious isn't loud enough to be heard when he wants to come in. We have the alarm system he triggers by being on the deck so we know he's out there. Dave doesn't believe he needs one.

Neighbor Ed took Dave up to the church food pantry because they also give free pet food to those who can't afford to buy it. We know Dave has food for him, but aren't sure Precious can get into the home to eat any of it. Haven't seen Dave for a few days to ask him. Don't think he'd tell me the truth anyways. Also, letting Precious inside my home gives me the opportunity to put the flea/tick treatment on him when it's due. I'm damn sure Dave wouldn't do that.

The only one of us truly happy with this situation is Butterscotch. He doesn't have to share his home with any other furbearing critter and he's quite joyful about that. It surprises me that he'll let him in to eat without a fuss, but once the belly is full it's get the heck outta my house dammit! He's a big bully and when he puffs up he's pretty impressive. Even I will pause when he does that. He has claws. He knows how to use them.

The situation with Precious Kitteh is one of the reasons I'm experiencing stress again these days. It's most likely the least of the reasons with worry about income and bill paying number 1 on the list. It's affecting my blood pressure again and the doctor has ordered me to do something productive to control it. I can't do anything about the income right now but I can control how much of the rest of those stressful events affect me.

I have totally quit watching cable news to any extent, but I'm still exposed to the bad news via social media like Twitter and blogging. Almost anywhere you go on the internet there are people fighting about everything or people spewing such stupidity you wonder where they keep their brains.

Doc suggested I limit internet time to half an hour a day. I should correct that and say she strongly suggested (think ordered) that I limit it. I understand and agree with her solution, problem is, I don't seem to be able to stick to it. I get involved in conversations and the next thing you know, my 30 minutes have come and gone 2 or 3 times. I have no will power when it comes to some things. I've tried the timer solution and sometimes don't even hear it ding. I blame Hubby for that. I've acquired the ability to tune him out so I don't kill him and unfortunately can now tune out almost everything I don't want to hear. The problem is on the internet, you don't hear anything you see it.

Not only do I have selective hearing loss I also have selective understanding. I'm positive she meant 30 minutes a day but my selective switch heard 30 minutes a session. On work days that's not much of a problem. It's the other 3 days, Saturday through Monday when I'm not working that I can fit in quite a few of those 30 minute sessions. Don't know what I'm going to be able to do about that. I do know I have to try something before Hubby carries out his threat to put the laptop on the roof and take the ladder with him to work. I may have selective hearing, but trust me, I heard that!


  1. I was going to offer Demon Dog because of her knack for getting into things as soon as a body sits down to a computer, but she has other, less endearing traits. She enjoys barking up every sunrise, to insure that the sun doesn't sleep in, and firmly believes that cats were put on this earth for her to chase. And humans are ideal for her to wipe off her muddy paws in the guise of joyful greeting, so, no. Better not.

    1. Ummm, thanks, but no. We have finally managed to settle DemonKitteh down to a dull roar, I'd prefer not to let another demon enter our now almost quiet and peaceful abode. I suspect that wouldn't do my blood pressure much good.

  2. We all need pleasures and distractions in our life - You know when you have had enough internet....timing by someone else's schedule seems manipulative. If a post annoys you - skip it.
    Love your post...keep it up.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Doctors have to order you to do something. I quit smoking a couple of years ago so she can't do that one. I don't drink at all so she hasn't any room there. I'm already losing weight so that isn't an issue and I'm moving to her satisfaction so that's out. Only thing left is the internet.

      I pay her for instructions on how to achieve wellness so I suppose I really ought to listen to her in case she's worth the money. LOL