Sunday, January 14, 2018

Pampering Myself

I have no idea why I have so much jewelry. It has spent much of my life stored in various jewel boxes because I seldom wear it. I suppose I have it because I'm female and we're supposed to have jewelry. I just keep forgetting about the part where we're supposed to have it to wear it.

My other half got sick of having my jewel boxes all over his dresser, so he purchased one of those jewelry armoires for me this Christmas. During the locating and transferring of my jewels to this fine piece of furniture from Walmart, I found my silver and onyx slave bracelet. I almost wish I hadn't because when he bought it for me back in 88 or 89, the ring actually fit my ring finger. *sigh*

The last time I wore it was at a family get together and someone accused me of wanting to pretend I was a biker chick. I remember laughing and saying I was a wannabe biker babe. Which of course isn't what it is. The bracelet is styled after the silver and onyx work of a Navaho silver jewelry artist. The 80s was my Southwestern Native American phase. If it had the southwestern motif or was made from silver, turquoise and onyx, I had it.

During the filling of the armoire I discovered I am missing a diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet. It was a birthday gift to me from my step-father who, despite his desire to put on the ritz, usually bought the bling he gave as gifts from Montgomery Wards. Tennis bracelets are very scratchy so I probably took it off and stuffed it in a pocket of some article of clothing that I eventually gave away to the Salvation Army. I knew I hadn't seen it for quite awhile, but I wasn't as upset over it as I was when I couldn't find the slave bracelet.

I was overjoyed to find the slave bracelet mixed in with the jewelry that belonged to my Mom and Grandma. Not so overjoyed about not being able to fit the ring on the ring finger. Since I need to lose weight, I've decided that instead of buying an outfit that is snug and then working on fitting into it, I'll use the ring from that bracelet as the goal. In the meantime, I have all kinds of other necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches that I will remind myself to wear.

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