Saturday, January 6, 2018

More Truth Than Fiction In That Book

I'm having a great laugh about this book "Fire And Fury". I don't believe all of it but there's enough truth in it to confirm my belief that Trump supporters are just plain stupid. The people who voted for him because he wasn't Hillary I understood, up until they became consistently verbal supporters of everything he did. Granted, some of them began to support him simply because the dreaded Democrats were against him and they got tired of hearing it, but how do you look yourself in the mirror when you do this?

Back before Trump in the White House became a reality, someone said to me "How do you go bankrupt running a casino?" Yeah, how do you?

I had to answer that question so I sat down one day and did the research.

First off, you lie to the New Jersey Gaming Commission about your financing. You convince them you have reputable financial institutions backing your plans and would never use junk bonds when you know the banks have said no and junk bonds with their usurious rates of interest are your financing.

Then you contract to smaller businessmen for the materials you need to create your vision, but you contract for more than you have to spend. If that's not bad enough, you change your mind so many times about what you want that it becomes impossible to complete the casino and open on time. Opening on time is the only way you'll make the payment for those junk bonds. The initial payment is coming due, you can't open because of your own decisions so you stop payments to your suppliers claiming they overcharge.

Without those regular payments, your suppliers fall farther and farther behind because they have to lay people off due to lack of funds for payroll or because they need to pay for materials to build the items you ordered and you are no longer paying them.

Some of these businessmen lost everything, including their homes. They didn't have all the dummy corporations that allowed them to go bankrupt and still make a personal profit. You do this 4 times all the while making a profit while the little guy who trusted you loses everything, but people convince themselves you're a Champion of the Middle Class.

I don't know on what planet destroying the lives of smaller businessmen to line your own pocket equals a fitness to govern the country I am proud to live in, but the people spoke and a spoiled brat born with a silver spoon in his mouth sits in the Oval Office.

I just wish someone could explain to me how, with a history of destroying smaller middle class businesses to line his own pockets, people think he's there to help the middle class?


  1. everyone that works for him says he is not qualified to be President. Unless people are in the Fox news bubble they would have already known that
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. What bothers me is those who don't care even though they know he's unfit.