Friday, September 13, 2013

When Tomorrow Doesn't Come

According to the sheriff's department spokesman "the driver somehow left the highway and slammed into several trees". The accident happened shortly after noon on Wednesday, on a main highway in the county with no weather related hazards to contend with. The driver is no longer with us, he was one of Hubby's friends.

They worked together, back in the day, at a local septic pumping and excavating business. Jimmy moved on to another excavating business when their employer began to have health problems. If it had tires or tracks on it, Jimmy knew how to handle it. He saw the handwriting on the wall and did what he had to do to support his growing family. He was a hard working man with a big heart and a bigger voice.

Hubby said he'd gained a lot of weight in the last 8 years or so. I hadn't seen him for awhile. He wasn't the kind to come and visit because we have a cat and Jimmy HATED cats. Hubby would run into him at the local coffee shops or now and again while shopping for job materials. He'd call once in a blue moon, but our lives are different now that we had all gotten older. It takes too much energy to engage in rowdy fun anymore.

Some of the best times I ever had happened at a country tavern he tried running. The problem was it was waaaay out in the country and New York State DWI laws tended to interfere with the patrons ability to enjoy themselves fully so that endeavor didn't work well for him. He had kept his job with the excavating company. Sometimes jobs like that pay well, but the hours are part time at best. He felt he could do both and had he managed a place in the city where folks could walk instead of drive he just might have had himself a successful business, you never know about things like that. You never know about anything when it comes to life and living.

Whether he died as a result of his injuries, or as a result of a heart attack or other catastrophic event that might have caused the accident, I don't know. All I do know is life is short and can end unexpectedly. Cherish those you love all the day long because you never know if you have a tomorrow.


  1. yes, we tend to forget how fragile life is.

    1. We are kings and queens of denial when it comes to illness and death. Our own pursuits are always more important.

  2. Sorry to jump subjects Sherry, but thought your take would be interesting, does this impact you, is it an improvement?

    1. Company I work for pays 65 cents more than minimum wage here in NY, and it pays overtime for more than 40 hours when it happens. We don't staff 24 hour cases with just 1 person. That I find appalling. They need to use 8 hour shifts like we do.

      While this all sounds fantastic as far as benefiting the aides. It's going to cut their pay in those companies who are working these women 60 plus hours a week. They will not pay the overtime unless the client agrees to do so. Which means that these women will be working 40 hours a week at whatever hourly wage their company pays.

      At say 9/hr they've gone from a weekly income of $540 to $360. I don't see how that's going to be positive.