Sunday, September 8, 2013

Football! Pfui! It's Hazardous To My Health

I logged in to Blogger this morning, and realized that I had created a post that made it too easy to identify a client. I can't do that, it's against federal law. When I do rant about client families, I usually don't choose to do it when our local paper is covering the issue. This time my feelings about the people involved overruled  my sense of caution. Fortunately while I realize the evidence is still somewhere on the internet, we have a delete button that makes it harder for people to stumble across the remains.

And speaking of delete buttons, is there one I can use on football?

My grandson is playing football this year.


My puny little nerdy grandson has turned into a jock! How'd that happen?

Every time he gets tackled I hold my breath until he stands back up again.

Every time he gets tackled I want to run out on the field and make sure he's OK.

This is living proof you can't be too careful who your kids hang around with. Teenagers are far too often influenced more by their peers than they are their parents. There have been absolutely 0 football players in this family on either side. Until now. And I have a grandson who looks like he weighs next to nothing soaking wet, running around with a football under the Friday Night Lights. Please, pinch me, I'm having a nightmare I need to wake up.

Coach said playing football builds character. He's enough of a character without having the wind knocked out of him every few minutes during a game. I swear he's going to break his neck, or wind up brain damaged. Wait! He WANTED to play football. OMG HE'S BRAIN DAMAGED ALL READY.

He thinks I'm crazy because I'm worrying about him. He said he'd tell the opposing team members who are about to tackle him that they need to "stop or his Grandma will getcha". Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better. He also says I have to behave myself and not embarrass him. I guess I can manage that...MAYBE! Heh!


  1. Replies
    1. Suuure, easy for you to say, he's my ONLY grandson. Who has discovered a desire to play football. Adolescent testosterone or something.

      There is no interest in football from any member of this family. We don't watch it, not even the Super Bowl. No uncles, grandfathers, Dad, nobody sits down to a football game and my ONLY grandson wants to play football. I'm appalled, or something. LOL

  2. "He WANTED to play football. OMG HE'S BRAIN DAMAGED ALL READY."

    I almost fell out of my chair!!!!!!!! Don't promise to behave! That's just a promise you will want to break! Grandmas get a pass, don't we?

    1. There's an awya game happening tomorrow afternoon. I plan on taking full advantage of that and misbehave myself as often as possible. After all, I won't be seeing those folks again for awhile. Hehehe.