Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

I know that I need to eat healthy, high fiber foods. I also know that Hubby needs healthy low fiber foods. Finding what I need is much easier than finding foods that fit Hubby's need simply because low fiber foods are high in simple carbohydrates. Which makes them somewhat less than healthy. I also have a limited food budget so it's not possible for me to buy the high fiber foods for myself along with the low fiber foods for him.

To give you an idea of what I'm up against. If I decided to include a treat like brownies or ice cream just to break the monotony, Hub can't eat chocolate or high fat dairy. If I decided on strawberries or another fresh fruit, Hub can't have those either. Hub can eat turkey, chicken, grilled fish, or limited amounts of beef. He's sick of poultry, won't eat grilled fish and that leaves me with beef which he can't have more than once a week.

When my doctor offered a a seminar in Self Mastery with emphasis on making the correct food choices, I jumped at the chance to attend. I was doing so great losing weight eating the kind of foods found in a  Mediterranean Diet plan that it shocked me to learn that plan may have contributed to Hubby's very serious problem. So, for the past 6 months I've been eating the Low Residue diet provided by the hospital and I'm gaining weight. Which, of course, has elevated my blood pressure again. Not by much but I am again slightly above the borderline.

So, this seminar, I thought, would be a great idea. It would help me make wiser choices for both of us and allow me to make sure Hub is getting enough calories in order to maintain his weight. Crohns Disease is a nasty, painful problem. I've managed to feed him in ways that haven't put him into a painful flare, but he is bored with his choices and I need to find something to overcome that boredom. Especially since those choices aren't helping me at all.

First session was about how to form new healthier habits to replace the older unhealthy ones. It involves making one change at a time and doing that change daily, preferably at the same time each day for 21 days. The second session involved learning why the healthy foods are so important to being in health. I was impressed with the information on how high fiber foods control cholesterol. Made me realize that on the low residue diet plan Hubby is in serious danger of getting high cholesterol so cutting his consumption of fats has become important. Too bad turkey burgers don't taste more like beef. *sigh*

Today is how to plan a weeks worth of meals. I suspect that planning will involve major work in the kitchen. I know I need to go through my freezer, and pantry cabinet to get rid of all the things we shouldn't be eating so I can stock the right kinds of food. When I get the money, IF I get the money. I already know I have a chicken in the freezer that I don't remember buying. How do you forget something like that? I obviously won't be cooking it since it may be older than I care to think about.

I'm going to have to learn to date things I put in my freezer. That way I won't be running the risk of food poisoning. Hopefully this seminar and the new habits I'll form will aid me in cutting down the cost of wasted foods. On the bright side, at least since I won't be buying ground beef, I won't have to worry about pink slime.

I've begun to realize that this seminar may not be what I needed, exactly. I do think it's a step in the right direction. There are 6 sessions, total cost was $60. If I get nothing out of it beyond how to form new, better habits, and how to plan meals, I think I'm ahead of the game.


  1. It sounds like you will have to eat seperate smaller amounts of food each suited to your needs.

    I could not stand ground turkey until a friend gave me a recipee: mix in salsa, onion powder, garlic powder and pepper... it ain't beef and it it's pretty good.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Hub can't eat salsa, onion powder, garlic or pepper. My only solution is to mix ground turkey into ground beef. I did manage a Shepherds Pie by changing the veggies to french cut green beans and carrots. I added applesauce for him and I had chopped apples with dried cranberries, blueberries and cherries. Tossed it with a little cinnamon and I added more fiber to my meal with the mixture.

      The foods he's allowed to eat are so limited, he's seriously sick of almost everything. I wish there were easier answers here.

  2. Sherry,
    I think Ol' Buzzard has it right. If so, you'll probably lose weight just trying to plan and carry out meals for two separate diets.

    1. Everything he is allowed to eat has to be cooked to the point of almost having no nutrients left in them. I did learn today that if I choose an entree all I need to do is add extra veggies and fruits for myself. Tomorrow I'm going to try oven friend chicken. The coating is mayo and crushed corn flakes. Should give it a little zing. Then we'll add baked white potato for him and baked sweet potato for me plus one of the veggies he can eat. I'll add extra higher fiber veggies for me. We'll see how this works.