Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rose Gardens, Rainbows and Golden Unicorns

I find myself wondering how the generations of people younger than I am got the idea that life was a piece of cake? That they could be anything they want to be with the least amount of effort on their part? In what alternate universe do people walk out the doors of the institutions of learning into high paying jobs that meet every want without any effort on their part? Boggles the mind. Who are these people anyways?

A few days ago, comic Jamie Kilstein was tweeting his opinion regarding the President's use of drones in the Middle East. He was calling the President a child killer, like no child ever died in the Middle East at any hand other than ours. I proposed that drones used were saving the life of our military men and women since it wasn't their boots on the ground that were being used. I strongly suggested that if Mr. Kilstein was so worried about those drones, he should volunteer to put his boots on the ground instead of running his mouth in Twitter. It wasn't the smartest move I've ever made in my life. Jamie Kilstein has FANS. They did not like my opinion.

Mr Kilstein made one defensive comment to me and then let his fans do his dirty work for him. It might have gotten much worse than it did if I hadn't been clear that my objection to his tweet was that he WASN'T objecting to WAR, just to the use of drones. Somehow, in my mind, calling the President a child killer for using drones against the Taliban isn't objecting to war. Oddly when I pointed out what the Taliban themselves were doing to children, which in the case of Malala was to target a SCHOOL of them to shoot a 14 year old, no one had a single thing to say about that.

It isn't just drones that kill innocent men women and children, it's war. Period.

Unfortunately, we the people with our reverence for Capitalism which few truly understand, we create a climate of war. For the top 10% it means profit. For the other 90% it means death.  As long as we continue to buy into allowing the few to profit on the backs of the many, we are buying into war and the use of drones to kill.

We're a society which believes all good things come to those who exist, simply because. There is no credit given for effort, and there is little effort expended that isn't there because of an expectation of rewards far beyond that which the effort expended deserves.

Then there's the internet. A place where we can sit safely in our homes and offices and pretend to be much more important than we really are.


  1. Happily I don't even know who that guy with all those fans even is. Ignorance of celebrities is bliss. Glad to hear your out there carrying the good fight right at 'em. Your sort of a Mother Jones type I think. Thanks for your service.
    "Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living" Mother Jones (I hope I got that quote right.)

    1. What bothers me about Kilstein is he's a left wing political comic. He's attacking the POTUS in this way just a few days before the election. He has every right to criticize, I just wish he'd use some basic common sense when he does it. I wonder how many votes Obama could lose over the label baby killer? And the alternative is Romney? Ever want to smack someone up side the head?