Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hubby's Little Bump

It turned out to be fatty tissue that grew over the dissolving sutures. In the area where the bump grew the sutures are close together and quite numerous. This doesn't allow the sutures to dissolve the way they're supposed to and the friction causes fatty tissue to over grow them. The doctor says this happens more often to people that are skinny like Hubby is. Who knew fat prevents more fat from forming over something like this? One would almost think a fat person would grow fatty tissue easier.

No antibiotics, no pus to test for bacteria, NO MRSA. I'm so relieved I'm almost in tears. I couldn't wrap my mind around the possibility of having another MRSA victim in my family. It was scary, believe me.

The good news, if there is such a thing right now is that Hubby told the surgeon that there was no way we'd be able to pay his bill in a timely manner. This is a lot of debt to find yourself in when you're as old as we are.  The surgeon told Hubby not to worry about it, just send whatever we could, even if it was only $5 a month.  The doctor told Hubby that he could see we were working people who took our debts and responsibilities for those debts seriously and would do the best we can to take care of things.  Having something like that said to him right now is equal to the best medicine money can buy.

I have a card with the billing department phone number and will give them a call tomorrow to let them know how Hubby and I decided we'd work this. Everyone is going to get money every month. The smaller bills will get more right now so that we can pay them off and then add that money to the bigger ones.

I've also talked to my doctor about not taking some of the supplements I've been on. Those have gotten very expensive, and I'm going to need some of that money towards the bills. She was great and reduced them to three and gave them priorities so I'd know that if I have a little extra to spend, which ones she'd prefer I spend it on.

So, here I sit with a wounded Hubby, 2 cats I can't afford, a mess of bills I need to pay and a grin on my face. You don't have to be crazy to get through life, it just helps.

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  1. There is always bankruptcy - don't be to proud to consider it. Check with a legal aide lawyer. it can clear you of all your debts.
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