Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Preserving My Sanity


  1. Cat people rule.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. I do not know if my next statment will come out like I want but I will try nevetheless. I am a liberal who believes in all the policies that would have someone like Allen West calling me a nasty commie but honestly, there are times I feel democrat politicans are little better than their republican counterparts.

    The one problem in all of this is that while it is nifty to dream about kicking them all out of office until we the people start electing indiviuals that actually give a damn about the nation as a whole we will keep sending the same type of idiots back to Washington.

    1. Beach,

      We're a nation of extremes, effectively canceling out the middle ground where things get done. I blame the internet, where we don't really sit down and work towards solutions, we spend our time building social media popularity instead of learning what will actually get the job done.

      Sadly to the Professional Progressives, President Obama is someone who will work in the middle to further our nation, and because that isn't what they want, they want him gone. They work to that end, and because the average person no longer is educated about civics and the role of President in government, people believe the pundits and don't look any farther than them to tell them what to do.

      It's appalling and will not help this nation.

  3. Or, we could vote for the guys owned by corporations. I'm sure they will take out calls when elected.