Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Need A Bigger Shovel

There are days when absolutely great ideas for blog posts occur to me as I'm zipping around the county going from client to client. Then something happens at the clients house that makes me forget. Yesterday was a too much shit and not enough shovel kind of day. Today was day 2 of the same. Ya know? That stuff gets into and onto EVERYTHING.

I have 1 client who is both bladder and bowel incontinent. She wears protective undergarments. Which, don't protect much since they're not tight on the leg areas where they should be, and trying to get a loaded pair off of an adult is...tricky...to say the least. By the time I begin to remove the pajama bottoms, you can see where the...umm...smelly situation has traveled half way down her leg. Last week it went all the way down and into her slipper.  There was a lot of it yesterday and I had to clean it off of just about everything except the walls.

So, when I came home I turned on my computer for a little Twitter fun. After yesterday, I needed a good laugh.   First tweet I read is from a young man whose take on life and it's ridiculousness I truly enjoy. He's one of the nicer young men on Twitter. Seldom picks fights with people, usually will hang in there trying to help others clarify situations that aren't making them happy. He has patience. I'm hoping it rubs off on me.

His tweet was a retweet of two posts from someone who seemed to be having anger issues. Twitter has a known bug. It unfollows people whose tweets we might enjoy reading. It seems that this guy was a victim of the bug, and he decided that the nice young man had unfollowed him intentionally. The two tweets were very angry attacks on the nice young man saying that all the nice young man posts is crap, that he's a troll, etc. I asked the nice young man if the attacker was having a bad day and wound up with a couple of nasty tweets aimed at both myself and the nice young man. The angry one even included the phrase BITE ME in the tweet addressed to both of us.

Twitter fights happen. A lot. This one, however, shocked me by its sheer vituperation under the circumstances. My own answer to the angry one shocked me even further since all I did was remind him of the bug, and tell him he was going off on someone who didn't unfollow him. I did, because I'm not perfect, say that in this particular case apparently Twitter knew more than we did. Not my finest moment, but hey...BITE ME! LOL

The angry one deleted the tweets aimed at me, but let the ones aimed at my friend stand as is. The nice young man thanked me for going to bat for him, and we both let the situation alone. There's no accounting for some people, but I have to ask myself why this was so important to Mr Angry if he didn't like reading Mr. Nice's tweets to start out with? I decided that since I don't know Mr. Angry I couldn't decide why he did attack like that. I also decided that it really didn't matter.

People online are going to behave however they choose to behave. Shit happens, and we can deal with it in one of two ways. We can either sling it around and hope it gets on someone we're angry at or we can take a deep breath, wade in and quietly clean it up.


  1. You leave us all in awe.

    Great post.

    Carry on,


    1. Sarge,

      Some days the phrase "carry on" has a whole nother meaning for me. LOL

      Today was a GREAT day. My shovel was big enough.

  2. I have had some shitty jobs in my time - but you win!
    Here's hoping you have a better day tomorrow - you deserve it
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Buzzard,

      Yup. Taking the list of shitty jobs to new highs, or maybe that's lows? Just be grateful you weren't there.

  3. I've had a few comment fights with republicans but even when I get the upperhand the results leave be feeling like a fool. I guess what they say is true, argue with a fool and he just brings you down to his level.

    These days I generally leave the boneheads alone.

    1. Beach,

      He wasn't even a republican. I just don't get it. How can anyone be that self involved?

      Today I logged in to Twitter and found a Breitbart flunky trying to pick a fight with me. Looked at the tweet, went to the account, blocked it and moved on. I have better things to do.