Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anybody Need A Cat Bed?

Some of my friends from other places know we acquired Demonkitteh on December 31, 2008. Some of my friends also know why he's nicknamed Demonkitteh, however, since both he and my house have survived these last 3 years, we decided to commemorate the day with a gift. He steals Hubby's shirts to make beds out of so we decided to buy him one of his own. I ventured out on an ill advised trip to Walmart after my case this morning and purchased a SmartyKat CATNIP Cat Lounger.

The instructions say to place the catnip into the cloth bag that comes with the bed and zip it into it's place on the bottom side of the lounger. I did that and set the lounger on the floor. Demonkitteh promptly flipped it over and tried to destroy the bed in order to get the catnip pouch out of it's rightful place. I unzipped it and gave him the pouch to play with so that I didn't have bits and pieces of cat lounger strewn throughout my house.

He played with the pouch for 5 minutes, had himself a light lunch, went and sat in the lounger to take a bath and then wandered up the hall, I thought, to use the litter box. He was in the bathroom for 5 minutes during which time I heard the clothes hamper come crashing over and Demonkitteh reappeared with one of Hubby's quilted flannel shirts.

He dragged the shirt to the cat bed, laid down on the shirt and placed his head in the cat lounger. You know? Maybe I should have spent my money on a sturdier hamper? One that he can't knock over quite as easily?

I have work to do, if I don't get back into Blogger later today, have a safe and Happy New Year.


  1. Sherry,
    I am not a cat person - We had one fantastic black tom as a pet growing up - Midnight's great-great-great etc grandkids still can be seen in the neighborhood.
    My pal scooter has cats - a 20lb white one called DEFCON (defense condition). I cannot go inside his home - the smell is horrendous! And,
    amazingly - the people that live there can't smell it. I can smell Mom's Scottish terrier and she and Dad cannot - In the tub the fucker goes.

    Have a Happy...

  2. I thought that maybe the demoncat used your husband's housecoat for a litterbox - that what one of our demoncats did - he didn't live long at our house!

  3. Sherry:

    I love that cat - and so do you. What a personality! :)