Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Subject Is Cat Hair

Our four legged, fur bearing, hairball puking, benevolent dictator is named Butterscotch for a very obvious reason or two. Number 1 being that at the time, so soon after the death of Bashful, I had little imagination and less desire to have a cat, let alone name one. Number 2 is that said unwanted (at the time) demonkitteh was blonde with butterscotch orange markings. Which eliminates the colors black, grey and dark brown in the daily collection of swept up cat hair. Well, at least it should. However, this doesn't seem to be the case.

Since I live in a mobile home, we had no storage for off season clothing. Hubby and Youngest were kind enough to build me a cabinet with shelves on which I could store neatly folded off season garments. So, every Spring/Fall I wash whatever is to be stored, the inside of the cabinet, shelf surfaces and neatly stack the clothing on the shelves.

When Bashful was alive, it was necessary to wash the clothing again when we removed it from the shelves because she knew how to open doors and enjoyed snoozing on the stacks of clothes. Unless she wanted something and I was home alone, she preferred the pleasure of her own company to that of everyone else. To that end she was a veritable genius at finding ways to isolate herself from the hubbub of our household. She never met a cabinet she didn't love nor a door she couldn't open.

Butterscotch, on the other hand, is a cat of a different stripe. While he may not appreciate all and sundry who waltz through the front door, he wants to be out in the center of the action. He's a very handsome cat, and quite vain. Not for him the out of the way hidey holes. He prefers to bask in the admiration of the strange 2 legged creatures that are found in the living areas of this home. Besides, he's not smart enough to figure out how to open doors.

Bashful died in 2008. We have since replaced the bedroom carpet with a laminate flooring material similar in color to the livingroom and hallway. It made it much easier to clean the dust bunnies and the cat hair since I could use the Swiffer dust mop system in there as well. Now, I am used to blonde and orange cat hair with the occasional longer human hair that seems to like to accumulate under the bed and along the walls or in the corners. What I am not used to is the black, brown and gray cat hair that began to appear a week ago. The hair is not short enough nor the right color to be either Hubby's or mine.

I really didn't think much of it until this afternoon. After work today I decided to remove my dark colored scrub pants from the storage closet. I figured it was getting cooler and time to get out the long pants for work. I pulled the stack off the shelf intending to hang them on pants hangers and discovered that both the navy blue and the black pair appear to have been slept on by a cat, and the hairs left behind by the sleeping cat are not blonde and orange.

I don't know if we'll be able to figure this one out, but I do know one thing. Next time Butterscotch sits on the floor in front of that cabinet and talks to it, I'm going to open the doors.


  1. are you sure those aren't leftover Bashful hairs? perhaps your little Butterscotch is hiding his girlfriend...yeah that's it!

  2. Cats are strange. My son had 2 cats for a couple of years (an old girlfriend eventually begged them off him) when he went to south america for research we kept them for a month. Not a cat fan at all, but they were funny sometimes. The thing that annoyed me though was they would rub the side of their face on the window. After a while I noticed there was a crusty deposit they left, their secreted mark from a gland in the cheek. That took some serious vinegar and elbow grease to get off, and more than one effort some time. They were pretty fun, but I was glad to see them go.
    Cheers, always fun to here what your up to and your critters. Hang in there.

  3. Bella,

    The wrong color cat hairs went away after we removed the carpet, put down a new subfloor and laid the laminate in. Only, now they're back. I even looked for a rip or something in the box springs that the cat might have gotten into. No good reason for their existence, anywhere that I can find.

  4. fringe,

    Yeah, window washing is practically a weekly thing here. I use vinegar, really hot water and just a bit of dish soap. That combo of cat musk and drool can be tricky. My favorite is the hairball behind the couch that no one knows is there until the day when I move the couch out to clean behind it each week. If it was deposited just after the last move, it's hardened to the floor like concrete.

    My Dad was a cat hater who firmly believed that the only good cat was the one that lived in his house.

  5. Sherry:

    Better check to see if Butterscotch is shacking up with a new girlfriend. Now that's a cat of a different color. :^)

  6. yeah...its a new kitty...they are partying while you're gone!

    seriously, did you find any rodents? ick!

  7. Whit,

    No girlfriend. Just some residual Bashful hair stuck to the back edge of the top shelf where Hubby didn't quite cut it big enough to fit. There was a gap where it didn't meet the back wall and my dusting pushed it off the back rather than onto the dustcloth.

  8. Bella,

    Nope, no rodents. Just shelves that are too high for me to reach the way I need to and a collection of Bashful hair left in out of reach spots.