Monday, August 22, 2011

Please Cut the Crap!

Please Cut the Crap!

One of the people I follow in Twitter is the author of "The PCTC* Blog" or, "Please Cut The Crap" by Milt Shook.

He's a refreshing change from the whiny, finger pointing, blame Obama style of Progressive Blogger that seems to be popular today. While all blogging is essentially opinion based, Mr Shook provides us with the facts on which he bases his analysis. He very quickly has become a must read for me.

If you do click the link and take the time to read him, I suggest you take a good long look at the third post on the page, titled "More Politics 101: Obama Is Smarter Than Us!". It's a completely different look at what many see as a President who doesn't know how to lead.


  1. Sherry,
    I'll add this to my to-do list, thanks for the link. I'll get to it later today.

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  3. Sherry:

    "Until my emotions settle down, I'm not up to the political discourse, the trolls, or the smoke and mirror magic of the internet. I'm going to spend a few days reading good books, enjoying the weather we're having and maybe start a painting."

    Hmmm! That was a brief hiatus from politics and the internet. :^)

  4. Fringe,

    I've read a lot of blogs looking for explanations for various things. Milt Shook explains things so even I get it, he needs to be read. He may not be right on everything, but he's making a great deal of sense to me.

  5. Whit,

    My client comes home in 2 weeks, it's a much shorter respite than I thought. I've read 2 books, and started a painting which is making me happy.

    Also, I'm not arguing or participating in political discourse, I'm letting Milt Shook do it since he's a hell of a lot smarter than I am when it comes to this kind of thing.

    Oh, and my house is also clean so I need something to do while waiting for the various stages of my painting to dry.

  6. See? Told you I'd come over here and follow the link to PCTC...

  7. Sherry, Ok I had a few minutes to look at your suggestion, damn, the guy is very good, I liked it a lot, very helpful to understand some of what we have been through. Here is the link to paste in your go-to window:

  8. Squatlo,

    And? Does he not explain things in a way that answers a few questions? Spot on! Am I Right? LOL


    Thanks for your addition to my estimation of his work. There's not a post there that isn't something we all should read and think about, and I wanted folks to read the finance one as well so I just linked to his entire blog.

    I've applied my thought processes to everything he says and I keep coming up with something resembling sense. He makes it. Really. lol

  9. Well shut my stupid mouth. I was prepared to not like this guy, but I am now a believer. While I can say I have not once bashed Obama, publicly, I have been a little depressed with events in congress the past few months and felt let down. But Milt Shook is a persuader of the first order. And he knows his smoke.

    One point that he makes is entirely in line with what I have never given up on...our first order of business is to close ranks and defeat the far-right agenda, no matter what. That means voting the Democratic ticket...and not a third party.

    Sherry, thanks leading us to his blog and insights.

  10. jadedj,

    With all of the Obama bashing that's been handed out, I kept having this feeling that there was more than what these people were saying. All these pros, these progressive bloggers like Jane Hamsher, Joan Walsh, Glen Greenwald, Adam Green, Markos Moulitsas, etc, kept saying he was not effective. Then some people in Twitter started posting links to other bloggers like The Peoples View and Milt Shook. Bless them.

    I started reading and felt I was out of my league, but that I felt in my heart that there was more to all this than I understood. Then I read Milt. He laid it out the way he does and I get it. He breaks it all down and drives his point home with logic.

    I knew how I felt, it's a hopeless feeling that had to exist in others, so I decided to introduce him and see what the rest of you thought.

    President Obama never said "Yes HE can". He said "Yes WE can" and many of us have forgotten that.