Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gone To Fill The Bowl

I don't have what one might call writer's block, I'm just in one of my moods where I'm not overly interested in communicating with people. Communication is a major part of the job I do. I spend my days informing the clients of every move I'm making while in their homes. It's like talking to yourself if they have dementia, since they won't remember what you said 5 minutes ago. We have to do that because there are times when their brains can't process what is happening unless you tell them. Even when helping them shower.

There's nothing much to challenge the intellect there. It's a matter of telling them I'm turning on the water, testing the temperature. Then it's soaping the medium by which I wash them if they need that kind of assistance. It's a running litany of chores, and I do so much of it, I'm beginning to do it when I try to type a blog post. I even caught myself informing the cat that I was going to sweep the floor when I went to get the broom.

Part of my mood is because my favorite client left today to spend 2 weeks in a nursing home respite program. The family member responsible for her care has bulging discs between every single cervical vertebrae. He can't keep caring for her right now. He needs to take care of himself so that they can get the discs back in place IF they aren't so far out now that it's permanent. She's there for a minimum of 2 weeks and there's the possibility that it will be a longer stay. If the county program she's in would have paid for more hours of care, this wouldn't be necessary, but they won't. I'm just going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Until my emotions settle down, I'm not up to the political discourse, the trolls, or the smoke and mirror magic of the internet. I'm going to spend a few days reading good books, enjoying the weather we're having and maybe start a painting.


  1. Sherry:

    I am reducing the time spent on blogging, too. This bogging site is moribund, anyway. Makes one long for the old days on Blogstream.

    Regarding senile dementia, my father-in-law suffered from it for several years. The fortunate people die before they experience it.

  2. Sounds like a great plan, Sherry. Sometimes you just gotta take back your life for awhile, and do the things that are unique to you. Enjoy it. :)

  3. Whit,

    I don't think it's Blogger, I think it's blogging that is becoming moribund. It's been replaced by Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other microblogging mediums. I think all we're doing is repeating ourselves, even when we do the work on a new post.

    Senile dementia isn't fun. Makes me wonder why I'm doing all those lifestyle changes in order to live longer. Is my reward going to be years of forgetfulness?

  4. Midnight,

    Having a successful blog takes a lot of time. It's not only writing the posts, it's all those other blogs that one has to visit and comment on that creates a following. I don't have the time anymore since I'm working outside the home and participating in lifestyle changes which make me more physically active.

  5. ACK! This puppy isn't dying Darlin' :P

  6. Oops...Whit was probably referring to his own bad! :D