Thursday, August 14, 2008

Peaceful Pursuits

I added a new gadget, with some difficulty I might add. Most of the music gadgets I chose told me they were broken. There's always more than one way to skin a cat, LOL. I had to use the old way with the embed code using HTML/Java script feature. Amazingly I remembered how to make it autoplay as well. Sometimes I'm smarter than I think.

I called it a Jazz playlist although there's more than Jazz on it. Including some Marvin Gaye. So sue me why don't ya. I may change that, but maybe not. It depends. If you're reading this and it just says something like Cool Tunes or a very unimaginative title like Playlist then you know I did change it won't you? Actually this was the first Finetune playlist I ever did. Took me hours because I was so challenged. Now it takes me 10 minutes tops. Just in case you think I learn fast, it only took months.

I had stopped using it in Blogstream because it has so many songs on it. Too many for the use it was being put to. Project playlist worked for me for awhile, when I was really interested in the Saturday Blog Fever. You remember, back when it was fun? Now, one or two Youtubes does me fine.

I think I'm not going to be participating the way I used to. It's not fun anymore. there are too many bad feelings, and I admit we may have contributed to that, but we had help. Couldn't do it all on our own. Which is part of what's bothering me. We don't do anything that the others do and yet we are looked down upon. By pretty nearly everyone these days. Seems we can't win. Damned if we do and damned if we don't. The way of the world I guess.

All those people in BS that want to be on the first page of the most popular list have no idea what they're getting into. I've been on it for months and frankly all it has done is cause trouble. Once you get high enough on that list you become a target. I checked for the first time in a year and I'm up to number 19. That should be a pleasure and it isn't. It just makes a target for someone who is disgruntled and thinks they should be up there. They can have it.

All I wanted was a place to challenge my opinions and to keep myself mentally alert, a few people to comment with and a lot of reading. Now all I do is read and don't comment most of the time. I just don't seem to want to talk to anyone over there. I suppose that's fine by some, maybe most for all I know. Don't care to know either. It's no longer that important to me.

I actually have thought about quitting to do my blog there. I don't think I'll ever deactivate it, just walk away from it. I am in the process of writing a fiction story for my Ashes blog. Maybe I'll just write there and keep my opinions over here. Might be safer that way. At least nobody will bother me here. Now, I just have to go and change the title on my playlist feature. Yes, I'm going to do it now.

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