Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ups And Downs

One of the changes due to moving that I am looking forward to is being able to change my ISP from satellite to cable. I pay almost $80 per month for speeds less than 8 megabits which is considered slow. My upload speed, according to Speedtest(dot)net is .7 and my download speed is .5. I can get better speeds than that from cable for $35 per month.

Due to the change of the home on our property I will have to pay for installation. Don't know how much money we'll have left and haven't spoken to Time Warner to find out what it will cost so we might have to wait awhile but I don't think so. Life has those glitches that gets thrown at us now and again so I can't guarantee anything.

I need to get lamps for all the rooms since there are no overhead lights. Tables to put the lamps on. Drapes, and since we won't be having the computer desks in the living room our only seating will be the couch so we need a chair. I need a break from some of the contentious people we meet online anyway.

Have you ever watched a situation unfold that you knew was going to end badly? I admit it ended in a way that I didn't see coming. There was a betrayal of trust that resulted in someone leaving the site. The remaining party that had more than his fair share of the responsibility didn't have sense enough to keep his mouth shut and started making demands that the admins quit. He made an absolute ass out of himself and being me I couldn't keep my mouth shut. Well, I couldn't keep my fingers off the keyboard. Way too much shadenfreude on my part.

I didn't call him any names, I just told the truth that he spent hours demanding that the other person prove her statement and when she did, he started crying like the baby he is. He baited and bullied her and when it all blew up in his face, he started crying to anyone who would listen. He played with fire, he got burned and he whined like the coward he is.

He was all over the place with his accusations and threats. I stayed on my own blog until he took a paragraph of my post to someone else's comments. Then I took the rest of the salient points there as well. I did pretty much tell him as did the admins that he is stupid, dense and that we were laughing at him. He's hired a lawyer. I'm still laughing at him because he and his friends hung themselves with some comments they made.

They complained that I stuck my nose into it and got told I did it on my blog which I am entitled to. It seems that this worshipped freedom of speech applies only to those that agree with them. And there was also a threat to gang up and dogpile me.

I had no intention of saying anything until I saw a comment he made that we were not safe there. Excuse me. None of us are safe from his bullying. He does things like present polls to declare who the Village Idiot is, he blocks people from his blog and then tries picking arguments  with those he's blocked.  I spoke out. I did so with kindness but I did make it clear he was responsible for his own grief and it was time for him to own it. He's not going to and I seriously doubt he'll be there a lot longer. He's got a banhammer hanging over his head and he doesn't have sense enough to shut up until it gets withdrawn.

When I disconnect for the move, I can promise I won't miss him a bit and maybe when I get back online he'll have shot his mouth off and had that hammer dropped on his head. Although with all the grief he's given me, I'd like to see it happen. I guess I can't have everything but it sure doesn't stop me from wishing I can.


  1. Would that by chance be on Blogster? I gave up on that site because there were too many juvenile or adolescent personalities running about. At least one person there was either alcoholic or bi-polar the way she blocked and unblocked people seemingly on a whim. Not that there aren't problem children on all blogging sites, but back in our Blogstream days they seemed few and far between.

    1. Oh yes. You remember the head of the right wing hit squad, MrRightwing? He got his comeuppance and a solid warning that if he doesn't stop the banhammer will fall. He's quiet for the moment and other than taking a pot shot at me now and then, he leaves me alone these days. My failure to fight back made him lose interest I guess.

  2. My upload speed according to that link you gave is 5.82 Mb and my download speed is 40.44 Mb

    It only took me half a second to figure out what site you were talking about and who the parties were who were involved. LOLOL Same Sh** Different day. I got fed up with it, didn't like the place, the harassment, the juvenile behavior and I left. Never been happier. It's a crazy bunch over there with the exception of a few. I don't even bother going to read the few I used to continue to read when I first left. My life in the twilight zone is quite peaceful now :-) So when is the big move or is there a date set yet?

    1. Sabrina was range banned and Rightwing was warned. It was also revealed that he has 5 different IDs and logs in on 12 different IP addys. Sabrina is back in there under another name thanks to her husband's very expensive computer system with VPN. She can use a proxy server to defeat the ban. Unfortunately it also exposed rica sharing info with a blogger she liked. That seems to have ended since she couldn't get thru to her to stop her from doing what she did. WendiDawn tried to get e introuble over my post but Rica read it and told wendi I was entitled to give my opinion on what happened AND that rica concurred with the assessment. Wendi threatened a dogpile on me and that didn't go over well either.

      The big move will happen by November 5 so tomorrow I will start packing in earnest. I'm going to write a post tonight or tomorrow night and after that will be online only in the evenings for as long as I can stay awake. lol