Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moving Day

I have moved myself to Blogster. This place has acquired too many spammers and hackers for my comfort. I was upset when Wayfarer's blog was hacked and taken over by a pornographer, but now Mr. Ornery's closed blog has been hacked and taken over. I can't deal with that on any kind of sane level. These were e-friends of mine and I'm seriously upset.

I'm getting far too many spam visitors, and am accumulating close to 40 spam comments a day. It's no longer fun here.

Since I'm aware now that closing the blog wont stop the hackers, I'm just going to leave everything exactly the way it is and I won't be back. If this blog acquires another post, it won't be me. I don't know how to protect myself from that happening. So I took this opportunity to warn you all.

It's been fun, enjoy yourselves and stay away from the spam if you can.


  1. I didn't know my no-longer-existent blog had been hacked.

    1. It showed up in my reading list with a new blog post "Some Thoughts On Kosovo" clicked onto it and find it's written by Evanz Dimaz. I'm pretty sure that's not you. I moved to Blogster, but only comments from other users can comment there. A bit like Blogstream.

      First post last night, already has 14 comments. I've made 4 friends and they seem nice, so far. Of course, 3 of them are Scratch, Bella and SkinnyGuy. LOL

      OH! They haz emoticons.

  2. Yep, Blogster is a lot like Blogstream, one of the reasons I like it too! :) Come on over Mr. O! :)

  3. Is Blogster different than Blogspot?