Monday, February 10, 2014

When Opportunity Has Been Stolen

The 2014 Farm Bill has passed and it only included $8 billion in cuts to the SNAP program instead of the $40 billion that the GOP wanted. I should be happy about that, but I'm not. To me it's just another punishment for our nations poorest people and it's celebrated by our nations richest people along with what remains of the upper class because most of them feel that the problems in our society are caused by those at the lowest end of the income scale. They're the lazy, the moochers, the reason we have to pay so much tax.

The Farm Bill is just another example of the bill of goods being sold to this nation by the very moochers at the top who want to continue their mooching unabated and unrestrained by the truth. People in the middle, who work so hard and find themselves unable to get ahead, are angry at those below them who qualify for assistance when those with higher incomes can't even when they need it.

No matter how many times you tell these people who blame the poor that the problem is the behavior of the corporations protecting their bottom lines, they simply don't agree with that. No matter how many times you tell the finger pointers that wealth is not limitless and if a small percentage of people are hoarding most of the available wealth, there is no opportunity for the rest of us to advance, they won't believe it.

If all the wealth is packed into 1 pie, cut into 8 pieces and expected to feed 8 people, 1 person taking 4 pieces leaves 7 people to divide what's left among themselves. There is no more pie to add to the inadequate share the remaining 7 people received. Which means that 1 of the 8 is on top of the heap and the other 7 have 0 opportunity to advance.

Here, maybe these pictures will help you.

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