Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some Days Are More Precious Than Others

A number of things running around in my head. Nothing worth blogging about, although I admit that's never stopped me before. I'm in a post Christmas season let down mode. Since I had more spirit this past year for the season, the let down seems to be deeper and longer. Oddly, my spirit was so high due to all the early snow we had. I hate snow but I loved having it while Christmas shopping.

I didn't have a penny more to spend than I've manged in the past few years, but I didn't mind a bit. I shopped, I wrapped, ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate with whipped cream.  I sang Christmas carols, although only when home alone and only to the cats. Demonkitteh seemed to prefer the more commercial songs while Precious seemed to understand the reason for the season.

We've spoiled Demonkitteh with store bought toys, cat beds, litter boxes and litter while Precious learned to play with leaves, grass, mud, ticks and fleas. Not for him the plastic pans with store bought litter in them, he prefers to do his business in the great outdoors where he can commune with nature.  I had to learn to respect his preference and I do so willingly, since despite my attempts to confine him, he never once showed his displeasure by leaving an unwelcome deposit in my home.

During the pre-Christmas cold and snowfall, Precious had been spending hours in the house as close to the woodstove as he could get without setting his fur on fire. There were days when he seemed to have cabin fever since he was quite willing to put Demonkitteh in his place should their paths cross and the opportunity present itself.

He wanted to go home to Dave. I knew he did. I could sense it in his demeanor, but he didn't do so because when Dave moved back in, he brought with him a woman and a dog. A small dog, Shih Tzu, but a dog nevertheless. Precious wasn't having a bit of that. So he stayed here until the woman became dangerously ill. She's unable to care for herself without the kind of help Dave can't handle. She found it necessary to move in with her daughter and she took her dog with her. There's an apartment in the same building her daughter lives in so she has her own place and she has daughter and granddaughter to help her.

Last week Precious went to visit Dave and discovered that the dog was no longer there. I don't think he trusted it because he did come back here, but he soon found his way back to Dave. He's been spending his nights there now for close to a week, and when he comes to visit here where there is ample food, he's back to acting frightened of Demonkitteh again.

Winter isn't over by a long shot. I'm concerned that one of these days Dave won't let Precious out early enough so he can come for breakfast before I go to work. Once I'm gone for the day and Dave leaves, poor baby will be outside in whatever winter weather develops. The idea of leaving him out in a storm bothers me no end, and I can't trust Dave to see to it that he's inside when he leaves.

He's made his choice and we all just need to learn to live with it. On the bad days Hubby said he'll be home or at least home early, largely due to his concern that Precious is outside in the cold. This is not the ideal situation, but it's what we have to deal with so we're doing the best we can. At least he has a quiet roof over his head at Dave's and all the food he wants here. What a life.


  1. We still have our tree up - we call it a Solstice tree, and keep it up through the dark cold months of January and February. It brightens our house - and what is important is that we like it.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Took the tree down because the cats were playing with it too much. I got a scented wax melter for Christmas it's filling my home with the scent of cinnamon or pumpkin pie. I need to try some other scents, but it helps make our home pleasant during the gloomy days.

  2. Precious does live her own life on her own terms. Cute.

    1. Precious is just an independent kind of cat. Like Butterscotch his testicles didn't show until months after Dave named him. By the time anyone realized they were male, the knew their names. Both are neutered, both do thier own thing but Butterscotch (Demonkitteh) was raised indoors while Precious prefers the great outdoors. Silly kitteh!