Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dispatches From Bluesville? I Don't Think So

When Blogstream closed a few of us came to Blogger to continue with our habit. One of them, a gentleman named Wayfairer started a blog named Intratequaredeum. He was engaged in a spiritual journey as a Taoist who discovered he believed, after all, in God. Wayf was a fine poet, had a penchant for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and no matter the situation was kindness personified.

He was absent for a time, came back briefly, changed his blog title To "Dispatches From Bluesville". I'm assuming to share his love of blues music although it never happened. His blog has been abandoned now for almost 2 years until today. Whoever is now posting on it, doesn't appear to be Wayf. Unless he's changed his name to firhza dian and has a developed interest in hard core porn.

The blog posts, complete with some pictures has shown up on my dashboard with entries happening about every hour or so. I've searched as much as I can to find a way to unfollow the blog and there doesn't appear to be one. I'm not a prude, but to have my entire reading list occupied by pornography every time I check in is more than I care to deal with.

I thought that if I could get to the widget with the follower icons listed in it, I could unfollow it that way. Apparently the blog squatter planned ahead for that and only shows his Google+ followers in his widget. Also, he adjusted the html to take the "flag this blog" option off.

I admit I am assuming it's not Paul (Wayf) on the blog now. I suppose it could be, people aren't always exactly who we think they are online, but this is too far a stretch in personality change for me to accept. I don't know what to do about getting this stuff off my Dashboard, if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share.

Update! Going to Manage Reading List and logging into Google friend connect gave me a setting that included a "stop following this blog" feature. I used it and it's GONE! I keep forgetting everything works through Google here. Not always for the better either!


  1. Sherry,
    I ran into the same thing and couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. I couldn't remember whose blog it was or why I had been following it. Then all of the crap appeared in my blog list. I wound up doing as you did and got rid of it. Not so incidentally, I have noticed that fewer and fewer former Blogstreamers remain or post very often. And I do wonder sometimes what happened to them.

    1. Most of our former buddies have gone to Facebook. Scratch and Bella are at Blogster. Maybe a few others too. I'm too lazy to move. Although, if people's abandoned blogs get taken over by porn or spam again, I'm outta here.