Monday, April 1, 2013

A Case Of The Warm Fuzzies

This is as close a picture of the newest addition to our household as I can find on the internet. I keep saying some day I'll get a good camera and will be able to post my own pictures. Just doesn't seem to happen, does it?

He's the only abandoned kitty we've ever taken in that simply won't stay inside. He won't use a litterbox when there's another cat in the home. He's also a neutered alpha male like Butterscotch and therein lies the problem. He doesn't challenge Butterscotch for alpha position, he just won't submit to him. Life gets kind of interesting when Butterscotch starts bullying him. And since I don't want to have to take a kitty to the vet to have an eye removed, the only solution is to allow him to go outside when he wants to.

He's not very loud so we had a difficulty hearing when he wanted to come back in. Hubby, being the creative sort bought one of these cheap motion detectors with inside alarm. He mounted it on the deck post directly opposite the door so that when his little self wants to be let in, we know it. Works great, when Hubby doesn't shut the inside alarm off.

Hubby let Precious out about 5:30 this morning and because he was filling the wood rack, he shut the alarm off. He also forgot that Precious was outside. I didn't know the alarm was off and when it started raining I thought it odd he didn't beat feet for the warmth and shelter of his home. I didn't say anything because I was getting ready for work.

Finally when I sat down I wondered to Hubby why the cat hadn't come in. That was when Hubby remembered the alarm was shut off. He turned it on and went to the door to call for him. He wasn't there, but must have been somewhere nearby since he showed up about 10 minutes later. Ever watch a cat behave as if he's grateful for something? I never have before, but I did this morning. He was downright excited at everything except, of course, Butterscotch. It was 39 degrees here and raining, not exactly what I'd call warm. Poor thing must have been frightened that he wouldn't be allowed back in the house. He's been abandoned twice that I know of. He has no way of knowing it's not going to happen again if we can help it.

Precious has made himself a bed on my craft table and that's pretty much where he likes to sleep. After getting a bite to eat, that's where he went and he's still there these few hours later. Hubby is feeling guilty for leaving him out there as long as he was. I hadn't really warmed up to him the way Hubby has until this morning. I think you'd have had to see his behavior to understand how he finally managed to break down the wall that has existed. Before this morning, I would have said I liked him, just didn't have the warm fuzzies for him. Well, a few hours out in the cold and a very grateful kitty managed to change that.


  1. he's a handsome fellow, his coloring reminds me of Sissy!

    1. And he's just as shaggy as the kitty in the picture. I can't keep him brushed enough, he doesn't allow it. He allowed me to cut out all the mats, but won't sit for too much brushing. Butterscotch loves it.

      He doesn't trust us, and with 2 prior companions who walked away from him without looking back, I can't say I blame him.

      He doesn't look it but he;s a lot smaller than Butterscotch. We keep the unpleasantness to a minimum because we don't want to see either of them hurt. Butterscotch can be a real bully. I never expected that from him.

  2. yep cats are territorial and have a hard time sharing!