Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some People Really Shouldn't

Hubby's friend Mountain Man had himself an idea.

He said: "Hey, this small Acer Netbook is on sale. Why don't you buy one and I'll scan your receipts into it so that you don't have all those papers getting lost"


Hubby: "Yeah, that sounds great, let's go."

And they did, and we now have this cute, little 10" Acer Netbook that Mountain Man is not using to scan receipts into. See? I know Mountain Man. He does things on HIS schedule or not at all. Hubby wanted it done on his schedule since he's the one that actually MUST be available when the customers call. So, we are now stuck with a Netbook set up to make PDF files out of customer receipts and not all customer receipts scanned in. And I still have mountains of paper receipts that he keeps making copies of.

There's a problem with creating the files the way he did because as a PDF file, there doesn't appear to be any way to add a new receipt to a file which means creating a new file for every single receipt. *sigh*

Plus, Hubby decided HE wants to learn to do this since I am such an unreliable sort of bookkeeper. Somehow he seems to think that I'm supposed to have the information on things like: jobs HE scheduled for himself without telling me, and then there's the clients that don't want a written receipt. Which I'm supposed to be able to find a copy of when he wants to know something.

He is, of course, bringing this same skill set to the desk when trying to learn how to do this. Which means he can't grasp even the basics without written instructions and then he still has trouble. He's nervous. Ever try to teach someone something when they're nervous? Don't try it, trust me.

We are on week 2 and the letter D. Hub still doesn't grasp that all he's doing is creating an image of the receipt, going to the proper alphabet section to open and name a folder to store the graphic in. He simply doesn't get it because computers are designed to drive us crazy and he has NO sense of humor about that.

In order for him to get it, the screen he looks at and is working with MUST remain EXACTLY the same in looks and behave the same every time. And that ain't going to happen. EVER! With that thing, all you have to do is breathe on the keyboard and stuff changes. Poor man just can't figure out what's happening and I spend a lot of time fixing the problem for him. When I can figure out what the computer decided to do to him, that is.


  1. Lady.
    Last Monday I took my taxes to be filed to one of those free tax preparers things done by AARP.
    Well, sitted at a table across from the front row of seats (those plastic things) was this old gent who I immediately seen was confused - he had trouble getting the lap top going. Once he was online - He asked for help multiple times. I guess his old mind had data dumped all in the class! Finally, this old woman came in at after setting up her computer and printer went around and got the whole place up and running. We signed in on a roster and thankfully I got her - out the door in ten minutes with both federal and state forms done.
    My point is: If you are unsure of what you are doing; don't do it!
    Update on me: T1C prostrate cancer - 1 hit one of twelve on the biospy. Cat Scan and bone scan were negative - Seeing the radioligist in the am. The urologist was delighted with the tests as was my MD.


  2. You can get software, (buy it) that will break the pdf open, but, I don't know what that does for you that helps, the pdf file will never act like a book keeper program that will keep running totals, flag due dates, integrate with address lists and so on. Not sure what the goal is, but this doesn't sound like solution, but an additional exercise.
    For sure the worst thing about computers and programs is that there are a dozen ways to do the same thing, and a dozen ways to perceive and explain how to do each of the dozen. My wife and I don't even come close to working through a problem in the same way, yet we both can get the damn thing to do what we want, eventually. Most of us never see the event, or the solution in the same way. It's a road map to chaos trying to explain anything about these damned things.

  3. Buy Adobe Acrobat (not Reader). It will allow you to combine files into a single document and open and edit them if necessary. I've been using it for years. good luck