Monday, December 17, 2012

Maybe We Could Try Learning Tolerance?

Progressive purists with "issue of the week" syndrome are upset with President Obama because at a Memorial Service for dead babies he didn't use the words "GUN CONTROL". What he actually said was "We must change". The reaction to that is pretty much in the same vein as "Yes WE can." He, I believe, isn't using a "royal we" when he says it. However, WE seem to hear he's gonna wave a magic wand and all by himself get things done. Am I oversimplifying the problem? In a society that believes they're making a difference by calling people morons when they don't agree with them? Oversimplifying? Yeah, because that's what we do. And that is part of the WE MUST CHANGE problem.

I don't believe guns belong in the home. I see little evidence that responsible gun ownership is possible. How can it be? We no longer teach respect for the person and property of others. We no longer hold any one accountable for their actions. If I had a penny for every time I've heard "My child wouldn't do that" even when faced with incontrovertible evidence, I'd be rich. We give our children everything they want and let them wait until they're adults to find out life won't do that for them. They have to contribute something in order to receive in return. That makes them unhappy. Which then turns to anger and frustration. THAT is when using a gun to fix the problem happens. I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THAT.

Psychiatrists advance the theory that we are too desensitized to violence. Well, yeah. In a nation of selfish, self centered people who believe they have the right to do whatever they please no matter who gets hurt, what in hell would you expect? The only way to stop these misfits from killing large groups of people simply because they can, is to stop their access to guns completely. That's not going to happen in my lifetime. Simply because it's applying a band aid to an open suppurating wound many times it's size.

We demand simple solutions to complex problems without ever accepting an iota of responsibility for the existence of said problem. We don't want to do the hard work involved in finding true solutions. Instead we want to sit on the internet and if we believe in the right to own any kind of gun we choose, we want to inform others that Liberals kill babies but want to take our guns away from us. If we believe in gun control and responsible ownership we spew hatred at a dead woman for owning 4 guns and teaching her son how to fire them. Did we know her? Of course not, we just know what her actions led to. At least, we like to think she's to blame. Can't be us, now can it?

Mob rule. Online mobs of people screaming at each other via the written word. Bullying. Using words and phrases like morons, whack jobs, right wing nut jobs, libtards, douchebags, douchecanoes, fucktards, sluts, and Cu*t. Oh yeah, we're gonna demonize gun ownership, treat them like outcasts, isolate and degrade them until they give up their guns. We have the First Amendment right to treat you as if you're something that crawled out from under an overturned rock. And in the midst of all this, POTUS said "We must change".

So. We take away gun owner's Second Amendment rights and we think this is the answer. Until someone else finds himself with a boatload of hate, enough money to buy what he needs from the corner gun dealer and another mass shooting takes place.  Then what? Oh. Yeah. "We must change".


  1. I just deleted one of my own posts from a few days back which I have been unable to find any new info on. I wrote it after learning on a news site of a law being passed making it easier to buy guns in Conn. I have looked for more info on it and could not find any, so I rubbed it out.
    More guns are used by white middle aged and old men to kill themselves than any other group headed to the grave yard, gangs, robbers, minorities, none of them kill as often these as older wiser white men.
    I have a farm with an irrigation sprinkler, I don't have any use for hunters, they shoot holes in this equipment every few years. Who needs'em?

    1. Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, I don't think they're interested in making it any easier to buy a gun there.

      Hunters locally have taken out my bathroom window twice and Hub's big truck has a wound in the passenger door. Don't know what they were firing at, but suspect they might have missed.

  2. if we could (and we can't but gee - don't I wish we could) - if we could only "prune" the world of - all - the - 'crazies/misfits' - then it wouldn't be bad. Like I said though - we can't - and since that is the truth we deal with - then - we are forced to have to deal with reality - which you described very well.

    1. I think those crazy Conservatives see the same thing we do and want to go backwards to when people were kinder to each other. What they leave otu is the responsible part that they themselves have failed to teach their offspring as much as the rest of us may have.

      Yep, give the kid everything they want without expecting a single thing from them and let them grow up thinking life will do the same. We're raising misfits and losers because we want their life to be better than ours was. Odd that I don't remember mine was that bad. I had to earn, one way or another, everything I was given. We raised our kids the same way and my grandkids are the biggest bunch of spoiled rotten beasts I've met in a long time. I have a 2 and a half year old granddaughter that is never allowed to get dirty. SAVE ME! LOL