Monday, July 16, 2012


Miscellanous small items, usually of no large value and too numerous to mention separately. I have a bag of those. None of them important enough to write an entire post about.

Vacation: Week 1 was spent catching up on all those lovely chores that I haven't found the time to do during my work weeks. Our bedroom ceiling needs painting but it's far too hot and humid for me to expend the energy doing it. I'll wait until the weather cools off, sometime in October and maybe I can find the time then.

Cat: My lovely big furry love bug seems to have developed a play aggression problem. He doesn't see it as a problem, but he's not the one wearing scratches on her legs and arms. I think the source of his aggression is the neighbor's cat who appears to have chosen our deck as a great place to hang out on. I have begged and pleaded with this neighbor to keep his cat indoors to no avail. The cat likes it outdoors and goes to great lengths to escape when attempts are made to confine him. In the meantime, I can't safely use my hallway without running the risk of an attack unless I carry something to distract my attacker. Must remember to pick up a battery for the dead laser pointer and remember to carry it with me when I enter the hallway. This morning I managed to grab an empty cardboard toilet paper roll. Now I have to clean the mess up but at least I'm not bleeding anywhere.

Global Warming: Not sure what I believe about it except that I know something has sure changed here. According to our local weatherpeople, New York State has an average of 5 days of temperatures reaching 90 or more degrees during our summers. This year we have all ready surpassed 14 with 2 more to go this week alone. We are also on the verge of drought even though we did get some rain yesterday. Gov. Cuomo has issued a burn ban on outdoor fires for the entire state. Those who make money selling wood for campfires aren't happy, but it beats losing ones home to a forest fire.

Income: Mine has tanked. I gave up 6 hours and lost 10 more to clients going to hospitals and nursing homes. The nursing home issue may be for rehab purposes only which means I'll get the client back. However, my projected number of work hours for next week when I go back to work is 12. I can do fill ins if available, but can't take a new client until the nursing home residency issue is decided. I like to pay bills on time, however, if the temperatures here stay as high as they've been, I might be farther ahead with less work. Rehab stays average 4 to 6 weeks which will take me to cooler weather before I am able to rebuild my client roster.

Health: I am much improved over all. Blood pressure is down, weight is still coming off, although much more slowly than it was. Doctor changed some of my supplements to fit better into my reduced financial situation. However, my concern will be the effect of these high temps and drought conditions on local produce. We just might not be able to purchase enough of the hormone/pesticide free foods to get me through the winter. The income rebuild might not happen until after harvest, and the drought appears to be increasing the price of fresh foods. Always something...right?


  1. There is more than a money difference in the have and have not(s). We live in totally different universes - parallel universes where we only catch a glimpse of each other briefly.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. You need to call that Cat guy from Animal Planet...LOL

    Ever watch that show?