Saturday, November 7, 2009

Taking It Easy

A little older, maybe a little wiser. Definitely a little slower. Taking it a little easier than I used to, but I'm still up for a Slow Ride.


  1. Lonesome Dave tearing it up there...

    That's be a good Saturday post for you...


  2. Haven't done much with Foghat as many of their videos are "Embedding Disabled By Request". I will not post links to the music, few people actually click the links.

  3. great Foghat tune! it's been a while since I listened to them, outside of whatever is in my rock boxes! The Lounge is open, but I can't guarantee the service! Hope you stop by sometime!

  4. I had an urge for a Slow Ride. I'll have to check out the Lounge in a bit. See what's hoppin over there.

  5. Bella,

    The Lounge is by invitation only and I haven't been invited. The doorman won't allow me in. LOL